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  • over the past few weeks, we've brought you several stories about the various points along our nation's food supply chain, from the empty grocery shelves to Americans lined up a food banks to the farmers who are burying and dumping their goods.

  • All are impacted tremendously by this pandemic, but one of the first parts of this chain.

  • We're talking about farm workers, those essential workers who remain in the fields, picking our fruits and vegetables.

  • So what's being done to keep them safe?

  • Joining us now is someone who has dedicated her life's work to the rights of labor workers and co founded the United Farm Workers.

  • Dolores Huerta.

  • Thanks so much for joining us tonight.

  • Delores.

  • What are you hearing from farm workers as faras their safety and what they're most pressing issues are right now.

  • Well, farm workers are essential.

  • Workers are on the front lines and they're working every single day out there.

  • Thio keeping in the nation.

  • But they're not being protected.

  • Unfortunately, they're not going last very difficult.

  • That protected, you think social distancing when they're working out there in the field.

  • And so we feel that they're being very neglected.

  • You have had one love is that have died of the virus.

  • We have had the people of the airport workers in Colorado on a packing shit and the meat packing shit there they died also.

  • And so we see that the problem of being a lot more attention and unfortunately in many states throughout the United States of America, they're not covered by unemployment insurance and not with my disability insurance thing.

  • I agree.

  • Make the workers conference station protections up for them when they do get American.

  • I think these are the invisible people, and we've got to remember who they are or e California.

  • I believe in Hawaii and maybe here on state.

  • Now he'll swallow his even that type of protection of disability insurance and unemployment insurance.

  • So in many states like Texas, you know, they have great with a brain, a baby cow scare that will protect them when they get ill.

  • Though these are like the invisible workers that really we depend on every single day when we sit down to the millions of bottom of this throughout the United States of Market that they're not given the protection of a it were hoping to give them some visibility tonight and you mentioned this Ah, moment ago, talking about the health care.

  • But what are the options that the majority of these workers have?

  • If they do get sick and are their efforts to get them some hazard pay potentially well, they definitely deserve hazard pay.

  • We know that the agricultural industry was given $19 billion spotted the signal this packet and hoping that they will share in some of that money, went their workers and givens, with pastor clean part of the state the same time of the accompaniment.

  • Strengthen is trying to reduce the wages of farm workers as we speak.

  • He's not the one workers of the mentor country, but that will have also a very damaging effect on the beaches of the current want workers.

  • And when kids are also not a school, that means that one of the parents has to stay home with the Children s o.

  • And it compounds up their difficulties and definitely has an impact on their income.

  • And then we have a lot of undocumented bomb workers that are also part of the pizza of life, and they importantly maybe, except in California, they're not going to be doing any kind of specimens at all.

  • And President Trump just signed a stimulus bill that gave billions to the agriculture industry, House agriculture going to share this money with the actual workers.

  • And is there more that Congress could do in order to get resource is directly to them?

  • Well, guess that Absolutely.

  • I think also under the emergency relief a compensation that Congress is going to be giving up that could go to some of undocumented workers.

  • And and I think we have to appeal to the agricultural employers.

  • Please cheer in some of that money from the stimulus package with your workers because they absolutely it's embarrassing for our country to notably enough to attack a cultural industry.

  • Like and we have to keep poverty, especially the Children of the families of fallen Look, is it Is it out there?

  • And this is a good time to collect it.

  • Delores, thank you so much for your time.

  • We appreciate you joining us tonight.

  • You're marking.

  • Thank you.

  • Hi, everyone.

  • George Stephanopoulos here.

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  • Thanks for watching.

over the past few weeks, we've brought you several stories about the various points along our nation's food supply chain, from the empty grocery shelves to Americans lined up a food banks to the farmers who are burying and dumping their goods.


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COVID-19事件後,農場工人如何保持安全? (How farm workers stay safe in the wake of COVID-19)

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