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  • Do you want to laugh with some American comedy?

  • Let's learn English with Lady Gaga on Ellen show.

  • So, Ellen asked Lady Gaga some pretty funny questions and first we will watch with subtitles

  • for you to get the context of the scene.

  • Then, you will learn all the most important vocabulary, native pronunciation and jokes

  • and then finally you will test everything you learned by watching a final time without subtitles.

  • And let me ask you a question, is it important for you to understand natives no matter how fast we speak,

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  • to understand natives without getting lost,

  • without missing the jokes

  • and without subtitles no matter how fast we speak.

  • So, now it's time to learn English with Lady Gaga and Ellen.

  • If you like making learning fun with TV series like

  • The Ellen Show, Friends, Modern Family, Game of Thrones as well as songs and movies,

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  • We created a free mini-course to help you understand natives at any speed.

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  • If you've enjoyed laughing with this lesson then don't stop.

  • We have an entire playlist of lessons with The Ellen Show that you should totally check out

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  • Alright, I hope that you have had a lot of fun today learning English with Ellen and Lady Gaga.

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  • So you're gonna have a lot of fun with it.

  • And check out this lesson we put out with

  • Lady Gaga's new song "Shallow"

  • and another lesson that I'll think you'll really enjoy.

  • Now, it's time to go beyond the classroom

  • and live you English.

  • Aww yeah!

Do you want to laugh with some American comedy?


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美國喜劇與Lady Gaga和Ellen合作 (American Comedy with Lady Gaga and Ellen)

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