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  • I really like saying "Pokkari Sweat".

  • I think mine is "Obaachan" (grandma).

  • Okonomiyaki (Japanese omelette dish).

  • Hey guys this is Cathy Cat. What is your very favourite Japanese word?

  • That's a question we are gonna ask a couple of foreigners

  • who are in Japan right now so let's go and find out.

  • - Do you have a favorite Japanese word? - I like "Arigatou".

  • - Arigatou. It's fun to say. - And it means someone has helped you.

  • It's good. I like it.

  • The way that people say it, it's very musical.

  • It's like "Arigatou".

  • It's nice.

  • Thank you!

  • I got many. "Kawaii" (cute).

  • Kawaii desu. (That's cute).

  • I love the word "Katana" (sword). It sounds strong.

  • "Kawaii".

  • - Not "Itadakimasu" (Let's eat)?! - No, my favourite is "Kawaii".

  • So I am gonna ask you now your favourite Japanese word.

  • Kawaii.

  • Same thing. Kawaii.

  • Kawaii.

  • Kawaii.

  • Kampai (Cheers)!

  • Okonomiyaki (Japanese omelette dish).

  • Cute!

  • Sento (bath house).

  • The only thing that comes in mind in "Tamago" (egg).

  • That's because I love having eggs in my ramen.

  • I would say Kendo. I am kind of a martial arts fan so ... Kendo.

  • - "Baka" is my favourite Japanese word. - Why?!

  • I don't know it sounds so funny and you can use it any time.

  • Japanese people use it often too.

  • "Irashaimase" (welcome call for customers).

  • I love that one. I don't know why. Every time you go inside a store

  • "Irashaimase". Every time. I love it.

  • I like "Gomen nasai" (I am sorry). I like the way it sounds.

  • It sounds really cool. It means "I am sorry" but I like how it sounds.

  • I think mine is "Obachan" (Grandma).

  • I think it sounds really sweet.

  • Mine is "Okaeri Nasai" (welcome home) because

  • every time when you come home they say this.

  • I think it's a family thing and I think it's very sweet.

  • I really like saying "Pokkari Sweat".

  • That's just the name of a drink isn't it?! It doesn't mean anything else?!

  • My favourite English word is antidisestablishmentarianism

  • because it's the longest word in the English language.

  • - What do I usually say? - The things I hear you say

  • is either "Tabetai" (I want to eat) or "Onaka suita" (I am hungry)...

  • Food related. Everything is food related with me.

  • Cool thank you very much. That was pretty fun.

  • Looks like "Kawaii" was the word that most people liked.

  • but then most of the other stuff was kind of food related

  • which tells a lot about yourself.

  • How about you? What is your favourite Japanese word?

  • Mine was "Yume" which means dream. How about you?

  • Leave us a comment. Looking forward to reading it.

  • Also in the top right of the screen we have more videos asking foreigners

  • here in Japan about their opinions. So check it out.

  • Always thank you very much for watching and catch you soon.

I really like saying "Pokkari Sweat".


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