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  • Did you not know this list?

  • The suspect also shown me wanted by Mexican and American.

  • Adored.

  • They should be considered armed.

  • Deadly force is authorized.

  • You guys wanna hear a song?

  • I got the blues.

  • Tell it to the tumbleweed Junior.

  • That's Flaco.

  • He sounds like a gold ring.

  • A single in the desert.

  • Take cover.

  • Soldiers heavily armed, flanking us.

  • I don't hear anything.

  • Now we're your non augmented super soldier from the future, are you?

  • We have to hurry.

  • A minute or so.

  • Far less than economic to the crossing.

  • We'll run for it.

  • Leave Venice.

  • I don't want any more people think because I mean it.

  • Fine, thanks.

  • Shots.

  • Whatever, then.

  • Okay, work.

  • There's a door beneath who knows it.

  • Well, if you don't want to join him keeping you know what?

  • I really hope that feature doesn't I need to, like anymore.

Did you not know this list?


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[刪減場景]《穿越》|《終結者》。黑暗的命運 ([Deleted Scene] The Crossing | Terminator: Dark Fate)

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