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  • strange.

  • You can't miss it.

  • You didn't call from 11 to or the question is, who buys alcohol from 11 to 2?

  • Yeah.

  • What happened to your wife?

  • Minutes three minutes were legally able to buy alcohol.

  • Now, right, let's get drinks.

  • Let's go and get some Jimmy Cheung, I know we're not supposed to because we're in Thailand and you're not supposed to see what you can you can get, but we can't get it in Japan.

  • So we gotta have a junk.

  • We're gonna go grab a quick lunch, and then we're going to head over to caught on beach.

  • But men this morning that serves mission was super fun.

  • It was my first time.

  • It was Michaela's first time ending.

  • We didn't.

  • Okay, I don't like the lines that you have to wait for, but you know, when someone is really good I mean, just, like, stay on the wave, You're like, Come on, I want more.

  • I want more tries.

  • I've seen like people go in the afternoon and online is way, way longer.

  • So I think if you do in here, it's best thio do it early in the morning because that's what it was like most people.

  • So before we go to the hotel, we're going to go pick up some Tom yum come suit.

  • Nothing beats shopping at a supermarket.

  • I mean, the prices are so a portable, you can't go wrong.

  • It has everything that Tokyo doesn't just super nice.

  • But unfortunately, you can't bring everything back, So we're just gonna bring back in this, so it looks like the going price is 400.

  • So we need to find a taxi for less than 400 everywhere to give up, give up.

  • You've got down at 400 a few times on.

  • I really don't think I just actually talk to another guy.

  • And I really don't think we're gonna get our past 400.

  • This is, like way too difficult.

  • Silly.

  • Founded for 400 he's really lucky I come Ah, they want this time.

  • But next time he's laughing at me because I gotta find it.

  • I only got 400 supportive.

  • I love her.

  • Oh, your friend Bargain.

  • Good negotiator.

  • 10 minutes, minutes, minutes of George fast.

  • Let's check out the pool over there.

  • We got here and we realized that tongue in kata is like, completely different They're like Hollywood Boulevard taunting beach.

  • It's a lot quieter streets or a lot cleaner.

  • If you want more relaxing trip, then go to Kolkata Beach.

  • But if you want, like a party like go out, have fun go crazy gonna see and then baton his replace.

  • But we're really, really liking kata.

  • So I think today day is going to be a beach day.

  • It's super nice.

  • It's super hot and the super is white and blue.

  • This is what we live for.

  • Oh, what a day!

  • What a really, really fun.

  • I just lost my glasses.

  • This sucks.

  • It's really so awesome.

  • Day at the beach found my glasses after it got lost.

  • Way went well, You boarding on?

  • Yeah, man.

  • Super Super fun.

  • Wait just back to the restaurant beach with Awesome had so much fun today.

  • Some of five o'clock I haven't eaten since breakfast company.

  • Michael, You wanted some oysters.

  • Get on.

  • That's huge.

  • It's so rating here on the beach.

  • Really, really raining way.

  • Need to go pick up our laundry and then we need to go get even know it's ready.

  • I love it.

  • It's still a good day.

  • So long we got our laundry.

  • A little confusion.



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泰國女孩說,我不能買酒。 (Thai GIRL says I CANT BUY Alcohol)

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