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  • gold setting as we know it in the modern Western world is broken.

  • See all those goals swirling around your head?

  • The financial goals to Korea goes the lifestyle goals or what have I told you?

  • Most of those calls don't actually come from inside They come from.

  • They come from the media, your friends, your family, politicians, your role models, advertising computer algorithms and social media.

  • So the goals you think are yours have actually been programmed into you by society.

  • On this monster boss, Weber knew John and Missing Butcher creators of life.

  • But the most powerful lifestyle design process I've ever experienced joining Missy on your typical personal growth teachers.

  • It's hard to believe they actually exist until you see what they did.

  • And you understand the model they used to get there.

  • They run multiple companies, not naturally.

  • Three.

  • They've had a sizzling hot romance off 30 years of marriage.

  • They immersed themselves in travel, our culture and other passions.

  • And even though they are grand parents with three grandkids, they look decades younger than the age.

  • And in this master class they'll show you how to transcend old school gold setting, so you can finally create your own extraordinary life to matter what's held you back before you think about your life deeply in 12 different areas.

  • And what emerges from that is a crystal clear picture of the person that you want to become on the life that you want to live.

  • Called your life vision.

  • Life vision is the I think it's the biggest tool that we've used in our life to get where we are now.

  • Our mission being a 1,000,000 people with life book.

  • That's what we're after.

  • We believe that will change the world.

  • Self directed people that trust their own intuition.

  • Gut.

  • That's what we need to know who they are and where they're going.

  • Then they can help other people.

  • Mark my words by the end of the session, you never see your life in the same way again.

  • Life Booking away was your way of pulling you out of this extreme situation.

gold setting as we know it in the modern Western world is broken.


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設計你的終極生活與喬恩和Missy Butcher - 明德谷大師班預告片 (Designing Your Ultimate Life With Jon & Missy Butcher - Mindvalley Masterclass Trailer)

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