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  • Here are some of our favorite Harry Potter stories As students and families stay home to stem the spread of the Corona virus, one teacher is hosting a daily Harry Potter read aloud on Zoom.

  • Mysterious is what the first part of this book is all about.

  • Julian Web is the after School All Stars program director at the Wheel School in Manhattan.

  • Sharing Harry Potter is a fun way of bringing her students together, even when they can't be in the same place.

  • That was in the fall of 2019.

  • A teacher in Maryland also got her students into the Hogwarts spirit.

  • Stacey Lam cast a transforming spell on her ninth grade classroom to turn it into the world's most famous school of witchcraft and wizardry.

  • It took her a month using items from eBay and thrift stores.

  • The room had a marauding map, Ah, sorting hat and was even split up into the four houses of Hogwarts, a magical place to do some learning.

  • In 2018 a group of talented Arizona high school students went Hogwarts wild during a halftime performance.

  • This dance a lot hard footwork and tricks and props are going to this dance is Wow.

  • So to see it all come together is amazing.

  • A lot of hard practices.

  • Waldon Grove High School Dance team has also recreated moments from The Wizard of Oz and the Pixar movies.

  • But these Potter moves were spellbinding.

  • It's definitely not Look, it's definitely hard work with practice almost every day, and we do a lot of team bonding where Family and um so it makes us dance is one.

  • Also in 2018 the boy wizard helped to super fans get engaged.

  • This has kind of been in the works for about a year.

  • Heather Pearson staged an elaborate Harry Potter book themed scavenger hunt for her then girlfriend, Kelsey.

  • The treasure at the end was a rooftop engagement.

  • Note the outfits and note what's been carved into this very special edition from Muggle Thio.

  • Mrs.

  • This woman in Indiana bears a fantastic resemblance.

  • Toe one of the stars of the Harry Potter movies carry Louis gets stopped on the streets by fans who think she's Emma Watson.

  • It wasn't until, like I went to a postal office back when the first movie came out, and I hadn't even heard about Harry Potter.

  • Other books but I hadn't even heard about Harry Potter and then thes two young girls came up to me and they were just, like, pointing and like, excited.

  • They're like, Oh, it's reminding Granger.

  • Carrie decided to embrace it and dresses up like her miney on her instagram.

  • When Stephanie Chavez consider getting on the Harry Potter world ride at Orlando's Universal Studios, she got a rude awakening.

  • Could not.

  • Stephanie weighed over £300.

  • It felt like everyone there was looking at me when I couldn't bend the chair, she decided she would return one day to ride the Potter themed amusement.

  • So she went on a diet and exercise regimen.

  • It wasn't easy, but I weighed over £308 and I lost 100 £60 of body fat.

  • And I know way.

  • Around 1 70 Stephanie made a triumphant return to Universal Studios.

  • This'll time she fit perfectly.

  • Lastly, a favorite Harry Potter story at Inside Edition.

  • The case of Dobby, this mysterious creature was captured on a security cam outside a house in Colorado.

  • It's something you don't see every day.

  • This is the Colorado Springs driveway, where Vivian Gomez says the strange figure appeared he opened the door because from the cameras you can see a shadow on the fence.

  • Then he stopped at the front of the car and did a little dance.

  • My camera only goes for 10 seconds, so just cut off.

  • At that point, a lot of people thought it looked like Dobby from the Harry Potter movies shut on all night.

  • Or maybe it's a skinny kid doing the chicken dance with underwear on his head.

  • Could it be your son, Bobby just goofing around?

  • No, I wouldn't let him out of dark by himself.

  • What's Bobby like?

  • Is he a goofy kid?

  • Does he like dancing around?

  • He likes to play around and joke around, and he loves to dance.

  • Does he like to dance with his underwear on his head?

  • New.

  • I haven't seen that yet, but nobody has seen a real life Dobby before, either.

  • So who knows?

Here are some of our favorite Harry Potter stories As students and families stay home to stem the spread of the Corona virus, one teacher is hosting a daily Harry Potter read aloud on Zoom.


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這些是我們最喜歡的哈利波特故事 (These Are Our Favorite Harry Potter Stories)

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