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  • Nationale.

  • Hamish Bowles folks International editor at large and yells Mickey Dobbs Show Temple of Danger Museum of Art in New York City as a theme is Egypt, Egypt?

  • It's gonna be my eyes.

  • I am Sam McKnight.

  • I'm doing Harish Canal backstage at the next Carl.

  • Carl didn't send your sketch this time, so I took it upon myself to avoid direct Egyptian reference there.

  • Except for I've made my hair look like thick, heavy hand has been oiled, heavily rusted.

  • My combed, its placement almost like a statue.

  • But sculptural and close to the head, still, with few natural waves left perfect when I was in Paris recently going to visit him while he was still working, it was the day of the show.

  • And, you know, there was still getting the collection together into a last minute touch ups, just watching him actually work and watching that he was so happy doing it.

  • It was really great.

  • I don't know what I'm your what friend that's my brother gave me a little smart, but he was fooling here.

  • First time I loathe super beautiful and I love the modern twist and way went from a pretty classical idea of ancient Egypt with almost literal reinterpretations of classical ancient Egyptian dressing, suddenly in banishment, jewelry and so on.

  • Mixed in with a little bit of Memphis, as in kind of a tease design group that seems to collect back in the day on dhe on idea of Kind of New York and maybe a bit of eighties subway are in graffiti and pats.

  • This idea of melding the concept old pirate lifts and graffiti is being a kind of modern expression of leaving messages around your civilization.



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