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  • Northern is known for basically me on dhe Liam Nissen.

  • My name's Jamie Dornan.

  • I am today doing North Matter slang with Jamie Dornan.

  • That's me.

  • Well, that's the most famous expression we have in all of Ireland.

  • Crack when you say, What's the crack like?

  • That's the first thing you say to someone from home like, What's a crack hard?

  • You go on.

  • What were you up to?

  • It basically, it's It's sort of all encompassing.

  • They are great crack.

  • Last night, that means that the crack was good Boys.

  • A dare I say this all the time when you've been jarred by something, you've received some news boys there and then I have my own spin on it.

  • I always say Boys dared.

  • Here's a boy which really annoys people.

  • I once tried to do a whole conversation with these builders who were working at my dad's ice by only saying boys a dear to them and I talked him for 20 minutes.

  • Taxes your underwear like I can't wear these Dirty Cac's again.

  • I've warned them four days in a row.

  • I've never said that, but my friends have we.

  • If there's any phrases used more than crack, it's We will be like I'm gonna have a week uppity, even though you haven't totally normal sized cup of tea.

  • Oh baby will say a week.

  • Or, if you're like in a shop in the manner of women would be like, Do you want to be back with your just getting little size bag?

  • Every strange steaming means drunk, absolute steaming last night crackers Night day for too many weapons.

  • Any more of this and there will be less of it.

  • I mean, that's so stupid.

  • That's as Irish as a statement as you're ever likely to rain, like putting it into stopping or, you know you'll get what's coming to you.

  • It could only be honored in armed.

  • What?

  • That's why I lost.

  • But here is if you don't greet someone with what's a crack you'll say, but which is just a kind of I d like How you doing?

  • Hi.

  • Are you basically I find that the longer I've not lived in Northern none the less I say about you.

  • And I'm quite pleased with him.

  • It's in my name.

  • God, I didn't think that was the Northerners term.

  • Jammy means lucky, you jammy bastard, which means you're yard like a tail.

  • Like a story.

  • Like we had a good yarn last night in the pub, dead on things got I can't stop saying North Maris ISMs.

  • I was gonna say, Dad all means that you're you're signed.

  • Call someone who's cool, who's late legit, like we either say they're signed.

  • You know, they're really sorry that I said they're dead on.

  • I met your mind last night.

  • He he's dead on Means you're cool.

  • Basically, Fothen used us a lot wasting time if you're trying to leave the heist and someone's like struggling to find their sunglasses Probably had more to my wife.

  • Yeah, five.

  • And stuff after the bike pool means to Gore with someone to kiss someone.

  • You going on the pill like beside the pool last night field.

  • That's definitely heavily used package.

  • It is a turmoil of the basic means.

  • Someone stupid.

  • I mean, Egypt is like the Irish word for idiot or someone who's just always annoying when your mountain okay, Jim?

  • Yeah.

  • Good terms.

  • Yoke.

  • Uh, that's it.

  • All of Ireland term really apply that anything from holding this yoke here like the iPod, could be a yoke.

  • It's often used when you're trying to describe something that you maybe don't know the word for it.

  • The thing Whatever.

  • But we would say you Thank you so much for watching nor their slang it with me.

  • Live nation.

  • I hope you'll learn something today.

  • I did.

  • I'm gonna hand this way.

  • You're back.

Northern is known for basically me on dhe Liam Nissen.


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