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  • coming to you from his house in Los Angeles and Conan is broken.

  • I'm Andy Richter tonight.

  • Jesse Eisenberg.

  • Now here is Conan O'Brien.

  • Hello there.

  • And welcome to show number three.

  • This is our third show.

  • Which is why I said number three.

  • I'm repeating myself, losing it quickly here.

  • I think we all are just a little bit.

  • These are strange times, but we forge ahead.

  • We have a wonderful program.

  • Tonight.

  • We're gonna be joined by one of my favorite people, Jesse Eisenberg.

  • I'm leaning forward to show you how much I admire and respect Jesse Eisenberg.

  • He's gonna be joining us.

  • Terrific actor.

  • And also, I want to point out once again, I am broadcasting from my home in Los Angeles.

  • This is my little cookie study.

  • I found something just minutes before we started broadcasting.

  • Meaning minutes before I pushed play on my iPhone.

  • Ah, look at this.

  • This is a microphone that was given to me back in my NBC days.

  • And I've treasured it, had had it here in my study ever since.

  • Isn't that cool?

  • Look at that thing.

  • It's a plane flying overhead.

  • Can you hear that plane puppet Nazi.

  • Anyway, Uh um I'm amusing myself, and that's what we've pretty much sunk to this.

  • A cool little microphone.

  • I just love having this around.

  • It gives me sort of old timey.

  • Look, yes, yes.

  • Big news flash.

  • There's been a fire at McCready's bond.

  • It was set by Hitler all forces to McCready's bond.

  • It was always a fire, it Macri's barn.

  • That was the only news they had back then.

  • And anything bad was started by Hitler.

  • That's all in the thirties and forties anyway.

  • Just sharing with you little little pieces of my world.

  • Uh, so much to discuss.

  • Everyone's getting through this kookiness the best that they can.

  • Uh, one thing I've noticed is many people out there are baking.

  • That seems to be a big thing happening right now.

  • People are baking and they're posting their process, their recipes and their results.

  • And I want to be part of this, just like everyone else.

  • So I tried my hand at it a little earlier today.

  • Take a look.

  • Everybody is baking right now.

  • It makes sense while quarantines good way to be together takes your mind off your troubles.

  • It's very nourishing.

  • I love baking and uh, I'm pretty good at it.

  • We'll tell you that.

  • So what I did is late yesterday and decided to make some bread.

  • I looked up a good recipe on the Internet.

  • I made myself some dough, got into a nice ball, put it in a bowl, and I covered it with a wet cloth.

  • That's important.

  • Put it on the window cell.

  • Let it sit overnight.

  • This morning I got up.

  • Set the oven to 350 degrees, popped it in the whole house right now.

  • Smells like fresh baked bread.

  • That's the best part.

  • And now comes the moment when I get my bread out.

  • Oh, man, that's hot.

  • That's hot.

  • Don't get too close.

  • Okay, that's beautiful.

  • It's a golden brown, as I used to, sort of a white to glaze the top, also, while I was at it.

  • I mean, he's flaming hot Cheeto Pops and I painted all that little for a cheater right there.

  • I also made this plastic left over, so I made some, uh, strawberry syrup.

  • I just put the Hershey's logo on it myself, because why not?

  • Finally, I mean this Lego replica I baked it up overnight of a Land Rover defender.

  • It's an exact scale model ready to eat overnight.

coming to you from his house in Los Angeles and Conan is broken.


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