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  • We have been reporting here on the long lines, not just for unemployment benefits but for food.

  • And tonight, the numbers that explain why those lines and the need for food are only growing.

  • 6.6 million Americans filed unemployment claims last week alone.

  • The three week total now nearly 17 million.

  • One in 10 workers in America now without a paycheck.

  • A B C's victory.

  • Kendo.

  • Witnessing those long lines today in South Florida Tonight, with millions of Americans still waiting for those stimulus checks and 10% of Americans out of a job in three weeks long lines for food becoming a new normal, these cars lined up in Los Angeles.

  • Certainly it is a point that it is so needed that many people did show up in San Diego.

  • Help for military families.

  • I'm pregnant right now with very high risk pregnancy, so really end in Plano, Texas, where Cheryl Jackson runs a food pantry.

  • I am so thankful.

  • Thio.

  • Every person that's got out of their house came out of house and donated one box of cereal for another family to be able to eat.

  • I'm grateful the Hernandez family in Miami grateful to how much is this?

  • Let me tell you.

  • And now worth, Because people's civil markets and things are getting, you don't see nothing shoulder.

  • And they just picked up enough food to last their Children.

  • A few days.

  • Miami Dade County public schools distributing more than 700,000 meals Since schools were shuttered, there was never a lapse.

  • Kids never were left without support without nourishment, so many families need those stimulus checks.

  • By one count, nearly 1/3 of Americans couldn't afford to pay their rent this month for small businesses.

  • The payment protection program still struggling to meet demands.

  • You know, just waiting, waiting for us.

  • Now I'm trying to apply for this.

  • Why private that?

  • But nothing come through yet.

  • The Federal Reserve announcing today they're pumping $2.3 trillion into the economy so banks can keep lending.

  • We want to make sure that customers no, the banks will get to all of them.

  • For those whose jobs are considered essential, many are risking their lives for that paycheck.

  • 59 year olds Vita Lena Williams worked as a part time cashier at this Salem, Massachusetts, grocery store, also checking receipts at a nearby Walmart she died on Saturday after a week in the hospital.

  • My last memory over seeing are sitting there.

  • No Kate, our little hat.

  • I don't believe in her At the emergency room, she's believed to be the first grocery worker in the state to die with the virus.

  • We have seen this with grocery store workers around the country.

  • Victor with us live from Miami.

  • Tonight we see that line of cars right there behind you.

  • Victor, a food drive at a school.

  • And I know authorities throughout Miami date or trying to set up based on the need there seeing already in other places.

  • That's right, David.

  • They are bracing for the worst, preparing a quote mass feeding operation that would help those most in need.

  • And as a contingency plan, they've ordered about 500,000 memories, meals ready to eat, like what you see in the military.

  • David Victor Thank you.

  • Hi, everyone.

  • George Stephanopoulos here.

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  • The ABC News.

We have been reporting here on the long lines, not just for unemployment benefits but for food.


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