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  • Hello.

  • Oh, I'm saying alone because this is instrumental locally, and it's from Hawaii on, and Okay, um, I perform for ex Tokyo 2014.

  • That was five years ago.

  • So I was still 13 actually.

  • And I really want to appreciate Patrick for getting me up on the stage.

  • And I think I had a very, very unique and wonderful opportunity.

  • And he still be supporting me like this.

  • I'm so honored to be here today to celebrate the 10th anniversary, so thank you very much.

  • And today, as Patrick mentioned just a bit, um, I've met.

  • It's like I could cut somebody who was another performer know the same year.

  • But after I performed, I went to some of the techniques Tokyo you meant and I've met in there, and I think it's already like, three or four years after this, But we got together today.

  • We haven't talked until today, but we somehow met and we were talking And no way here on the stage.

  • So we never had a rehearsal.

  • What?

  • I think it will be wonderful.

  • Hoping I'd like to thank you.

  • Theo, Go wait.

  • Huh?



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RIO x Katsumi Sakakura|特別合作表演|RIO Saito|TEDxTokyo|TEDxTokyo (RIO x Katsumi Sakakura | Special Collaboration Performance | Rio Saito | TEDxTokyo)

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