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  • Hello, everyone, and welcome to another video.

  • Now I saw this video by a guy named Kraft Computing, where he went on a website called Wish and purchased a $1.10.

  • 80 t I, which was a pretty funny video.

  • And he ended up getting nothing like the original card, which he sort of expected, probably due to the very unbelievable low price that no one's really going to fall for.

  • However, I decided I wanted to investigate website myself.

  • A lot of you have been requesting me to do so anyway.

  • And I found a very cheap are x 5 84 just £1.

  • No, I don't like to blow my own trumpet, but if this is legit, then I may have just single handedly solved the GPU shortage crisis.

  • But of course, what actually turned up isn't going to be that our x 5 80 But I just thought, you know what?

  • He got few free toys out of it, and I decided that I could do with a few free toys as well, if that's what even turned up in my parcel.

  • However, I have the package here straight from China, and today we're going to unbox.

  • It turned up very quickly, Might I add it just took a few days.

  • My sister's actually ordered a few things off the site before, and they've turned up and she's had no problem with them.

  • But those weren't graphics cards.

  • As you can imagine, they were just a few clothing items.

  • Now, if you look at the small print of some of the listings, they will say that they're entering you in a competition for your £1 or $1 in orderto win on our X 5 80 graphics card.

  • Some of them changed their description after you've purchased it and tell you what you're actually getting.

  • And some of them just go out on a limb and list the specifications of a genuine Rx 5 80 hoping that someone will fall for it, believing that this is a genuine card.

  • I mean, if they get enough people buy it, that's easily 102 £100 a day.

  • If you get enough people falling for a silly scheme like this, which, of course I know none of you are seeing enough to do so.

  • But for the purpose of entertainment that's crack into this package and see what we actually got on which it's all I've done here is block out some of my personal information, the address, phone number, things like that.

  • But let's go ahead and get into the package, which has bean all very well sealed, please.

  • Hey, think Christmas cracker is a little tennis racket or a badminton racket.

  • Whatever sport you prefer, that's what it is.

  • So £1 or $1 has purchased me a tiny little toy tennis racket.

  • But the funny thing about the listing is even gives me instructions as to how to install their product based on the fact that this was a genuine Rx 5 80 in the listing, which, of course, it isn't so for a laugh.

  • Let's go ahead and check out those installation instructions and see if we can fire up these little our expert.

  • Oh, dear, I like it.

  • I mean, it could've been worse.

  • I could have got nothing.

  • Okay, so according to the instructions here, we must turn off the computer power open.

  • The computer host and graphics card will be fully inserted into the P C I E.

  • Slot on bucko.

  • A good back.

  • Oh, Cho a good back.

  • Oh, is that good enough, bucko?

  • Walk circuits in 70 year old gaming days are numbered.

  • We have a new graphics card Now.

  • The power that they can get into such little graphics cards these days really does impress me.

  • That happens in trouble with the compatibility here on.

  • We've installed it with top early.

  • I think.

  • I think I think it's probably time toe end the video there, so it appears my Rx 5 80 doesn't work.

  • It's a bit of a shame in all seriousness, though.

  • Wish have a few deals on graphics cards that are actually legitimate, and sometimes you confined well priced items.

  • I said before my sister actually purchases items from their quite frequently, obviously not PC parts, But yeah, she seems to do quite well on there in terms of finding products.

  • They're actually quite cheap and decent on some occasions, so just avoid the graphics cards that are obviously too good to be true.

  • This was simply for entertainment purposes, seeing what would turn up spending such a small amount on this site.

  • And I'm glad to say that what did turn up wasn't actually two disappointing.

  • I can still have fun with the little miniature tennis racket, I'm sure, but as always, Thank you for watching.

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  • If you haven't done so already, I will be back with another serious hardware review very soon.

Hello, everyone, and welcome to another video.


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明顯而有趣的1英鎊(1.5美元)"RX 580 "願望顯卡騙局。 (The Obvious But Funny £1 ($1.50) "RX 580" Wish Graphics Card Scam)

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