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  • I look beautiful.

  • After nearly six months teaching prisons to cook in Brixton prison, I'm still trying to persuade a major retailer to stock a lemon treacle slice.

  • If a big order comes in, my remaining workforce need to deliver.

  • But I've just found out I'm about to lose yet another valuable member of my team.

  • Heroin addict pull wires was sentenced to eight months for stealing 50 quid's worth of state from Sainsbury's to pay for his drug habit.

  • But after being imprisoned for four months, he's just been approved for release.

  • You don't start taking drugs, thinking young, gonna be a junkie.

  • You can control it if anyone can bring me.

  • You done.

  • You're right.

  • I've witnessed my younger brother try and fail to go clean countless times.

  • So I've spoken to my restaurant manager at the Savoy Grill and decided to give Paul a chance.

  • I can't give you a job just like that within 48 hours.

  • That's just not gonna happen.

  • But what I am gonna do next week is arranged for a trial to spend a day in the kitchen.

  • And if you do keep your head down, stay focused and you prove to me to my Jeff, and it goes very well.

  • Does the job by the end of it, I don't want you in because that's where the temptation styles.

  • I've been close to 15 years, and I can tell you every rehab, every secondary house, every halfway house, every program, every pickup for meth within 25 mile radius alone.

  • Let me tell you, you on any person would screw this up.

  • And if you do, I mean, pull me that charge.

  • Bye.

  • When Paul left school, he studied at college to become a chef.

  • But he didn't finish the course.

  • This is his big chance.

  • Sure.

  • I'm just taking it.

  • Wait.

  • I'm just gonna keep keep me motivators.

  • What we've built.

  • If Paul sticks to his word, I'll be working with him on the outside.

  • I'm hoping that bad boys bakeries loss will be the Savoy Grills gain At last.

  • There's been a promising development for the treacle slice.

  • Hi.

  • Sorry.

  • Good mornings.

  • Gordon Ramsay.

  • How you while my team will be working on the recipe to make it less sweet, I wrangle a phone call with Sarah Carter, the marketing director of National coffee chain Caffeine.

  • Aargh.

  • We're looking to take to the next level because this place has to stay upon.

  • It can't stay open unless it can sustain a business.

  • That's the bottom line.

  • Wait, consistencies key.

  • I appreciate that.

  • That's great news.

  • There was a brilliant lead.

  • I'll get that appointment sorted on, getting to see Paul on, take him a couple of samples.

  • Bingo.

  • I mean, that is bloody good news.

  • She's got me meeting with the head of development, Paul, So it's fucking great news.

  • Ettinger has the power to decide which new products go into the company's 500 outlets.

  • That's music to my ears, but I mean now the pressure's on because that is a big door has been opened.

  • So now we have to perfect that slice.

  • Now It has to be.

  • You know, there's no thing cross that crust.

  • It has to be absolutely consistent.

I look beautiful.


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戈登-拉姆斯給他的一位獄中廚師提供了一個餐廳的試用機會 - 戈登在獄中的故事 (Gordon Ramsay Gives A Restaurant Trial To One Of His Prison Cooks | Gordon Behind Bars)

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