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  • as America fights against Corona virus, Remember, For all of its flaws, we still have one of the best health care systems in the world.

  • But what about the developing world?

  • As we know this virus continues to spread across the globe.

  • Europe, Asia and, of course, North America have been hard hit by Cove in 19.

  • The virus is now on every continent except Antarctica.

  • But tonight we turn our attention to South America, specifically Ecuador, where in one city there are body bags literally in the streets.

  • Victor Kendo has a horrifying look now at what this pandemic could do.

  • Two nations with less robust medical care, Thean Mages, are hard to bear.

  • In Ecuador's port city of Goa, Iraqi officials have been struggling to keep up with the surgeon number of deaths.

  • It's a fate no one should have to succumb to the indignity Bodies abandoned on streets, families pleading for help.

  • As this virus spreads, it's a glimpse of what it could do in the developing world, a nightmare with no end in sight.

  • Everywhere you look, there just aren't enough.

  • Resource is the morgues are at capacity, so they placed bodies inside shipping containers stacked one on top of the other.

  • As families try to repatriate their loved ones, Marcos or take Up, went looking for his grandfather.

  • Soothe the North Tamaki and Monica keep.

  • There's no reprieve from a grim fate here, doctors say.

  • There just aren't enough medical supplies to treat everyone.

  • Dr.

  • Esteban Ortiz Prada is an epidemiologist, consulting the president and other high level officials during this pandemic on those patients are all there.

  • We'll die with no medical attention in ours, so if you don't give them a respirator in hours, they will die.

  • That's why the mortality to raise so seismic weather in relationship with other parts of the world because these people just didn't get a chance to get medical attention.

  • The crisis has left the local and federal government scrambling.

  • At one point, Gua Katie's mayor took to Twitter, pleading for help.

  • Now thousands of these cardboard boxes are being distributed in place of conference.

  • A special hotline has been set up for those waiting for bodies to be removed from their homes.

  • The line to bury the dead is endless.

  • Others decide not to wait.

  • They dig their own plots.

  • Governments are meant to protect its most vulnerable in the Ecuadorian government knows it failed.

  • The response in and managing bodies on course was also a mess in managing hospital.

  • Personal was also missed.

  • They didn't hire people fast enough.

  • Officials tell ABC they believe they were able to trace the outbreak back to at least two people in places.

  • The first was the soccer game.

  • Well, at least five people tested positive.

  • And then there was this woman, Bella Mila, who were told, had traveled from Madrid, Spain.

  • She died March 13th but the tracking, like in most of the world, came too little, too late on.

  • There just aren't enough test here to track all of the country's cases.

  • There won't be accurate numbers to show the breath this disease has had on the Ecuadorian people.

  • They're only proof.

  • Cadavers on the roads waiting for upper barrier Victor Oh, Kendo, ABC News, Miami Hi, everyone.

  • George Stephanopoulos Here.

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as America fights against Corona virus, Remember, For all of its flaws, we still have one of the best health care systems in the world.


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厄瓜多爾政府正在努力處理COVID-19案件。 (Ecuadorian government grapples with COVID-19 cases)

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