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  • It reminds me of those sort of plastic flyways usedto having your kid you got for, like 50 p you know, down at this some affair or something on the sort of surface of the ball is it's It's very smooth.

  • It's all those perfect sphere.

  • And what this means is when you when your foot comes into contact with the ball, it's very difficult to get a grip on it.

  • So it means you can't spend a ball so sort of a talented footballer like not like these guys over here for a talented footballer, you know, when he strikes the ball, he tries to put some spin on it so you can get topspin so the ball will dip and move in the air.

  • Well, this boy is very difficult to have any of that level of control.

  • Basically, when you place the board is, give it a bit of spending a bit of angular momentum.

  • But with this ball, when you strike it, you can't get that spin on.

  • All you do is you give it what's called linear momentum.

  • It just moves in a sort of forward direction without spinning.

  • I know you penalty they never missed the Germans.

  • I mean, I guess they must have done some simulated for diddly doo simulated with real people.

  • Cause the end of the day, this bull's got used by real football is and then, you know, they have the final say we see this will cut that clearly.

  • Something's not right.

  • D'oh!

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科學家槍戰(賈布拉尼)--60個符號。 (Scientist Shoot-Out (Jabulani) - Sixty Symbols)

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