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  • way most powerful Ferrari ever made, with 16 around three seconds.

  • Every other here is it from a standing start After 10 seconds, it's doing 100 40 miles an hour on the 48 Eights.

  • Comprehensive rewrite doesn't stop the engine.

  • 1/4 of a £1,000,000 also buys you F one grade aerodynamics, and the exhaust mated in Canal, which is the same stuff that using rocket engines inside.

  • Meanwhile, every inch of the interior has been pared back to save 90 kilos in weight.

  • All of which makes the Peaster about 9/10 of a racing car for the road, which comes with its downsides.

  • But if you're gonna go pared back and minimal, at least make sure it's pleasant.

  • I'm in this seat.

  • Here it is.

  • Bone is an old donkey on what's less of the dash, but it's 10 years old.

  • It's from a Ferrari 458 And then there's this thing down here.

  • It's a carbon fibre sort of spur with buttons on it.

  • It looks like a medieval sex toy with red first surfaced, however, looks a lot of very clever Elektronik assistance, but not the boring stuff that Boeing's tow more knew that you're wandering out of your motorway lane or that there's a scooter in your blind spot.

  • The pieces Computers concern themselves something far more exciting.

  • Drifts on demand.

  • Ferrari calls it sight slip, angle control.

  • Six.

  • Electronic differential to keep you in line.

  • Out of line, 700 horsepower.

  • Ferrari shouldn't be this easy with that makes it.

  • There's no question that the Peaster Ferrari has done it again.

  • Wow, what you're looking at is the new benchmark for the track Focus supercar Clarin 1 £800,000.900 horsepower and quick around this track from the Laferrari and the 9 18 Spyder.

  • So the question is just how close kin the 7 20 s get Big Brother Reigning champion.

  • Well, find out his only last one again himself.

  • Same conditions.

  • Both cars flying.

  • Get it through with Lata Smooth.

  • I believe you anyway, Everything Oh, yeah, doesn't get much better than that for me.

  • Ah, Time for one 1 54 Okay, so I think that is a good time on.

  • I struggled to see how the 7 20 get anywhere near it.

  • So 1 54.7 I mean that mighty fast around here.

  • Yes.

  • Make no mistake to even get within sight of the P 17 20 s has its work just faintly ridiculous things.

  • Relatively normal.

  • Siri's production car.

  • Get anywhere.

  • Way, way.

  • Sit down.

  • Strike.

  • Wait, Wait.

  • So the one that won 54.7 I know it wanted it in a straight line, but it was so good so you can have the lap time, please.

  • The 7 20 did in the one 55 point 1 55.2 so home for second off, so it was half a second slower.

  • That's remarkable.

  • 63 seconds later, find that B six on those electric motors provide 573 horsepower.

  • That's not sports car Power.

  • Technology may be complicated, but the effect is brutally simple.

  • Nice for us, really.

  • But the best part of this hybrid set up.

  • It doesn't feel disjointed, and digital breaks, maybe e brakes and the steering may be e steering.

  • It gives you a real sense of what's going on.

  • Obviously, you can't skid it about like a Ferrari for a take those electric motors, always trying, drag it, strike.

  • Oh, you can skin is about Yes, it's possible that it's so complicated.

  • So Honda's new NSX really does have genuine supercar credentials.

  • But before you go and trade in the Lambo and a one or two things to point out, like Interior Okay, you made a great effort, but it's still recognizably Honda.

  • If I'm being a real nit picker, I don't like the way these paddles move.

  • They feel a bit cheap.

  • It should feel like turning the bezel on expensive watch.

  • And it doesn't It just feels like you're pulling a plastic panel on a 40 quid gaming steering wheel.

  • And as for the styling, well, it does look a bit like an R rating.

  • A McCarron have face swapped, but I think it's stunning.

  • Porsche 9 11 GT two Rs £230,000 riot wings vents, holes, stripes, but before you dismiss, it is just a 9 11 that's being driven through Halford's with a magnet Strap to it.

  • Trust me, this is one of the most exciting cars of the decade.

  • Weigh 62.7 seconds.

  • 1 61 17 The way the world punches you.

  • How do you have a one?

  • Looks like a 9 11 goes like a Hypercar.

  • You know the really crazy thing about this car.

  • It's limited to 11 but if it was left unlimited, it would do 223 miles an hour.

  • Any any reason it doesn't is that Porsche had to develop an entirely new tire handle speed.

  • Even as it is, though, don't worry.

  • GT Tura still gives its tires plenty to think about money costume in this Washington into hammerhead Tweet one way.

  • But Tweety over.

  • Get it going in second graf, wait.

  • Oh, that thing is a barrel, right?

  • This is a new level of hooligan.

way most powerful Ferrari ever made, with 16 around three seconds.


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