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  • Hey, Michael here, let's talk about colorful dogs.

  • Things you can do online now, guys.

  • First of all, how is your color vision?

  • A visit to a vision professional is the only way to really know, but in Chroma provides a fantastic online test for checking for color blindness.

  • I recently took such a test on YouTubers React.

  • Everyone's results were fascinating, but wait, what's that?

  • I hear?

  • Is it why?

  • Yes, it is the shepherds tone.

  • I love this audio illusion.

  • I've even discussed the science behind it before, but a great way to experience it and it's falling is at falling falling dot com.

  • Love the colors.

  • Now try this precisely.

  • Color code Your food with Pantone Smoothies, a site with loads of recipes for making your favorite exact Pantone colored fruit Drink.

  • Pantone 7536 You coming right up.

  • Drink it while you follow the color of the sky in New York City in sky.

  • Si dot com calculates the average color off the Big Apple's sky every 15 minutes.

  • Now if your eye for exact colors isn't very precise, practice with the online color challenge arranged the colors from one Hugh through to the other.

  • Getting these in the right order is tricky, but not as hard as factory balls.

  • Reproduce the color pattern and shape on the factory box by using the paint colors and tools in the right order.

  • Once you've worked out how it works, ship it off to its new, loving home.

  • If you prefer to learn how things work in the real world, these anima graphs by Jacob O'Neill will be for you.

  • They have some detailed animations that use color to explain simply hell.

  • Objects work from how to do the moonwalk through to how Tarango villas defend themselves.

  • But if you'd rather create something beautiful for yourself, then let me introduce you to this is sand dot com.

  • Pick the color from the color wheel and lose hours building awesome color layers and patterns in your online sandpit.

  • Speaking of color wheels, Dong has covered adobes wheel before, but I recently learned that safety orange the color you see where visibility equals safety was chosen because it's complimentary color.

  • The color on the opposite side of the wheel that it contrasts most dramatically with is the color of the sky.

  • Oh, wow, that's time already.

  • I wasn't looking at the color clock.

  • Each second is a new, unique color.

  • A reminder toe live in each moment.

  • You'll never see it again.

  • I'll leave you with this amazing collection of art from Kunar ski called RGB.

  • In natural light, they make up intricate and vivid color patterns.

  • But under red, green or blue light, they reveal one of the three colors by itself.

  • Stay colorful and, as always, thanks for watching No.

Hey, Michael here, let's talk about colorful dogs.


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