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  • those strict state home orders have had an impact on crime.

  • In Los Angeles, authorities say, major crime has dropped 23% while in New York City overall crime has dropped 33% compared to the period before the lock down.

  • That doesn't mean the criminals aren't out there.

  • In the case of this home invasion, the culprits were wearing surgical masks.

  • It's a terrifying home invasion by two bandits wearing hospital masks.

  • When the unsuspecting homeowner answers the door and the bad guys burst in, Ah, desperate struggle breaks out on it spills out the front door.

  • As the homeowner ages the flight of his life, one invader flees.

  • The other bandit was shot dead in the struggle of a man with a gun and a lot of commotion and screaming going on at the residence, cops say the Illinois homeowner opened fire in self defense.

  • In Chicago, a rash of violence and one night has left seven people dead.

  • And to enforce social distancing, the mayor has introduced a new liquor curfew.

  • Sales of booze are now banned after 9 p.m. A liquor curfew or remain in place through the duration of Governor Pritzker's stay at home order at the city's Cook County Jail, which has been hit hard by the Corona virus.

  • Inmates put up homemade signs in the windows reading Save us and Help We matter to, And it looks like the nation's empty highways have led to a new record for the notorious Cannonball run speeding from New York City to Redondo Beach, California, in 26 hours, 38 minutes, beating the old record by 45 minutes.

those strict state home orders have had an impact on crime.


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入室搶劫受害者為自衛殺死蒙面劫匪 (Home Invasion Victim Kills Masked Robber in Self-defense)

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