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  • Hi, it's Madison Keys.

  • Please check out the kindness in crisis auction that kindness wins is currently putting on.

  • I have a lot of cool sign gear up there.

  • We're doing some personalized videos, so if you can please check it out, all the proceeds from my auctioned off items is going to no kid hungry.

  • Hey, it's Jesse Diggins cross country's gear, and I would like you to go check out the kindness, winds, kindness and crisis auction.

  • I'm auctioning off a signed copy of my new book, Brave Enough, some Swag and some selfie videos, and all the proceeds go directly to supporting the Sheridan story in Minnesota.

  • They're making sure that kids without access to school lunches are still getting meals.

  • Okay, I am Olympic and world champion, Alpine's curious or Mikaela Shiffrin and just want to ask you, if you are able to to go check out the kindness Winds Foundation, kindness in Crisis campaign, I am auctioning off some really cool gear autographed gear, as well as some personal selfie videos and even some autographed cards.

  • All of the proceeds from this auction will go to Kobe.

  • 19 relief funds well, that kindness in crisis effort matches athletes who want to help with those who need it.

  • New York runner David Kilgour wanted to use his skill set to help small businesses and health care workers.

  • So David went on a 100 mile fundraising run around his hometown of Palm Bay, Florida, and David plans on using that money he raised to purchase gift cards from financially impacted running stores in New York City.

  • And David says those gift cards will then be donated to frontline medical workers in New York, allowing them to purchase supportive shoes from struggling businesses at no cost to them here to discuss his fund raising effort is none other than David Kilgour.

  • Thanks for so much for joining us, David.

  • This is a very it's a great idea.

  • Personal, very creative.

  • One indeed.

  • So what inspired you to do this?

  • Yeah.

  • Thank you so much for having me on.

  • Um, I came back from New York City as it kind of started to expand in the city down to my hometown in Palm Bay, Florida toa kind of get away and a CZ.

  • We knew that the virus kind of getting worse of dancer kind of stay out of the state of that a little bit.

  • Um and so I was looking for, like, a new way to challenge myself.

  • So I was talking to a buddy of mine, Brendan Clark.

  • Ah, photographer video for who was who is out there with us.

  • And I was, Hey, I'm thinking about running 100 miles.

  • You be down to, like, photo photograph it.

  • And so and he was like, Yes, definitely.

  • That sounds great.

  • And so kind of through through that, I started to kind of, like, connect the dots as well.

  • Is it?

  • Well, if we're gonna do this like, uh, I would love to find a way to connect a bunch of different people.

  • So I kind of learned about, like, Instagram live where people could kind of jump into the screen and interact together.

  • So what if I went for a really long run and was able to connect and communicate with people from all around the world and they were ableto workout with me, whether it's inside or outside of run along with me, But also I think that would be awesome.

  • And then I kept kind of like expanding the idea because I personally work in the footwear industry as well and work with a lot of these run specialty retailers up in New York City.

  • So I was like, Okay, well, if we have this big audience as well what if I just put up a donation page and we're able Thio, raise a little bit of money and get back to these struggling retail?

  • I'm curious.

  • How much money?

  • How much money have you raised?

  • So, yeah, we're up thio $15,500 to write over that.

  • So really stoked on that.

  • That's amazing.

  • And any advice you would give to someone out there who's trying to figure out how they can help use their skill sets?

  • I would just say Try to like, uh, hone in on your own, like, unique skill sets and try to, like, tryingto build off that and, um and yeah, use use what you have and try to get back.

  • It's beautiful how you're inspiring others t get out there to keep moving and also to help people in the process.

  • So it's a total win win.

  • David Kilgour Thank you so much for sharing your story with us and love, love all your running.

  • Ah, and how much for inspiring everyone around you?

  • Thank you so much.

  • You guys have a great day.

  • Hi, everyone.

  • George Stephanopoulos Here.

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  • Thanks for watching.

Hi, it's Madison Keys.


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