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  • good morrow to the four suits, My Lord, today we have a medieval slang with Karen Edison and Jamie Foxx.

  • First up, Jamie, this pitch cattle puzzled complex.

  • I am pitched Cat owned today.

  • My word.

  • You know what?

  • That's such a pitch, Kettler.

  • I really can't figure it out.

  • Really?

  • Great has are feeling, uh, Eric.

  • It's like she's a hover.

  • That's what I mean.

  • She's a little all in the clubs making fuzziness.

  • I'm gonna go scene like a battle cry.

  • We're changing this one.

  • It's now what Jamie says.

  • Bali timber.

  • What do you think Bali timber could belly timber means faulty, isn't it?

  • Makes me What in the belly timber was that?

  • What is the emotion?

  • So that means, uh, parked You go phone.

  • I'll go with gastronomic tree.

  • I actually know that this particular one is food.

  • Belly.

  • Timber is food, right?

  • Exactly.

  • So when you eat, it causes chaos.

  • See, you were thinking about OK, so this next one wind sucker I actually know what a win sucker is is when you walk into a place and there's a guy over there and he gets he gets mad and says something nasty about you.

  • He's jealous.

  • Jealous person.

  • A wind sucker.

  • That's when you can use at home.

  • Next time you have a feast.

  • Oh, pretty.

  • By proving, where does he trust with that?

  • It's like Shakespeare E, isn't it?

  • I pray I pray thee, will you?

  • I beseech you.

  • I pray that you will do something for me.

  • All right, I drama school for you.

  • Oh, a pox upon wishing ill on someone, right?

  • Like a plague on both your houses Beginning up Shakespeare was that there was something that they sell on the black market.

  • A pox upon here, I've taken a bowl of pop.

  • Give Gable that you'll get the practical Not right now.

  • Looks upon this so good of you anymore.

  • That box upon box, lady out.

  • Well, now I'm depressed by hook or by crook.

  • I mean by any means feather hither and dither.

  • He was back there.

  • It's a look like toe where someone was where waas lord better here on the nights of mid summer hill.

  • Well, he was liver privy.

  • Toilet?

  • Yeah, just remembers by my troth.

  • So it means by my truck.

  • By my honor, by my truth, I I assure you, I promise you on my honor.

  • I will.

  • Yes.

  • Yeah.

  • Good about Doesn't I thought you know what?

  • 13 A baker's dozen.

  • Okay, Oceans Baker's does throw down the gauntlet.

  • I think that means t give up right, Thio.

  • If you If you're out of your oven and fight and you throw down the gauntlet and it's like I can't, I can't take it you was it?

  • No, it means you want to bet on me.

  • I'm from down there.

  • Come at me, bro.

  • Yet come at me, bro.

  • Hue and cry is what we do in Baptist church.

  • Sometimes when we feel the Holy Ghost, it's shout and make noise you and cried when we feel the spirit.

  • Thank you, Jesus, That's human and cry family.

  • Well, it's like Goodbye, isn't it?

  • I wish you well.

  • I hope all goes well.

  • Anon light Wrong.

  • It means I'll see you in No saying a bit.

  • This has bean medieval saying with Karen Anderson and Jamie Foxx.

  • I hope you've enjoyed it.

  • If you would like more medieval revelry in your life, then I will see you and on potentially in November when Robin Hood comes to theaters near you.

good morrow to the four suits, My Lord, today we have a medieval slang with Karen Edison and Jamie Foxx.


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傑米-福克斯和塔倫-埃格頓教你中世紀的俚語 | 名利場 (Jamie Foxx and Taron Egerton Teach You Medieval Slang | Vanity Fair)

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