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  • I am gay.

  • I'm broke his shit.

  • I have a judgment against me from some minutes down there in Florida.

  • And that's Carole Baskin.

  • Got a big cat rescue.

  • It was all part of Carol by Skins Plan with later the Carol basket.

  • Carole Baskin is so influential that Carol by Skin and Carol Basket I consider that bitch to be one of the biggest terrorist and exotic animal world right now.

  • Cheryl Basket?

  • Yep.

  • That lady that profits over $1.5 million sucking on your heartstrings about shit on the Internet.

  • That ain't even trick.

  • Carol's bitching that she has this black cloud overhead of people thinking that she fed her husband of the Tigers.

  • A normal person would put upon my dad, you know, for sentence upon my disappearance suite is wine better wind is a got a little crazy, Got a little hazy, and cops role here way could ever get the law to go in there and dig up that septic thing.

  • I promise you he's underneath that damn thing.

  • Carol, It's a voice from your past.

  • Get me the fuck out from under the septic.

  • Carol Bust troll!

  • This fits and trying 100 any of my animals again.

  • He can get Got empty.

  • I'm a protected.

  • Yes, he would take a picture of Carol and take her head and put it on the body of a man in a diaper.

  • And we're gonna make an honest woman out of this bitch.

  • Did I hear you say you wanted my fucking watched?

  • Really?

  • My rocks, The family.

  • You want my goddamn bed, too?

  • Thanks to Carole Baskin of dragging us all out of bed this morning, sticking my mom at the very top of that building right there in orderto fuck with her.

  • He's in a federal court in order to do that.

  • She even got your big daddy cigar.

  • Lookie there.

  • Oh, that's getting the phone during.

  • We're not done yet.

  • We're still gonna dig up.

  • Charles asked.

  • Before I'm done with this, I'm gonna have the bitches at my job.

  • It's Carol's birthday next month, and we're shipping or two of these.

  • Look at the things on that Happy birthday.

  • Thank you.

  • Really smile, everyone.

  • Life could be worse.

I am gay.


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喬-異國情調的人恨Carole Baskin三分鐘. . (Joe Exotic hating Carole Baskin for 3 minutes..)

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