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  • News about the former commander of the USS Theodore Roosevelt, the Navy captain reportedly testing positive days after being relieved of duty over his letter about an outbreak on board his ship.

  • We're now learning of the captain's final message to family and friends.

  • Written just hours before his dismissal.

  • Here's NBC's Rachel Scott Tonight The New York Times reports that Navy captain relieved of duty, cheered by his crew as he left the ship for the last time, has tested positive for the Corona virus.

  • Just days ago, Captain Brett Kroger was pleading to get his sailors off the Corona virus stricken carrier, writing in a letter.

  • We are not at war.

  • Sailors do not need to die.

  • When the message leaked to the press, he was fired.

  • I thought it was terrible what he did to write a letter.

  • I mean, this isn't a class on literature.

  • This is captain of a massive ship that's nuclear powered, and he shouldn't be talking that way.

  • In a letter, the Navy secretary said Crozier exercise poor judgment by not following the proper chain of command today.

  • Defense Secretary Mark Esper, standing by that decision look secretary mostly made a tough decision, a tough call.

  • I have full faith and confidence in him and the Navy leadership, and I supported their decision.

  • But the dismissal is prompting criticism from some retired top military brass.

  • This commanding officer made the absolute right decision.

  • He sailed true.

  • North told his chain of command that he had to have help.

  • Hours before his more than 30 year Navy career came to an end, Crozier sent a final message to the 5000 sailors on board the USS Theodore Roosevelt.

  • In the note, obtained by the San Francisco Chronicle, he writes, The sailors on board are my top priority, and I promise to do everything I can do to take care of them.

  • And Tom.

  • Of the 5000 sailors on board that ship, the Navy tells us that half have now been tested.

  • So far, 155 have been diagnosed with Kobe.

  • 19 Tom.

  • Okay, Rachel.

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美國海軍艦長COVID-19測試呈陽性反應 (US Navy captain tests positive for COVID-19)

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