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  • There's so many incredible bio hacks that we can apply in our lives to radically transform our body.

  • And many people think getting in shape, eating healthy, maintaining a proper weight is difficult.

  • It is not.

  • So what you gonna learn in this video is a mind blowing idea from them.

  • Greenfield, When I learned this, I can't, You know, it literally blew my mind.

  • So have you ever had those days when you are invited to go for an elaborate dinner or you are going to a restaurant with your family?

  • And you know, the food is gonna be incredibly delicious, and you don't want to hold yourself back from truly savoring that food, But you feel guilty about the extra calories about the potential increase in sugar.

  • Now what if there was a simple 32nd hack?

  • You could do literally 30 seconds that you could do before starting your meal.

  • That would jack up your metabolic rate so that meal burns efficiently.

  • That's what you're gonna learn in this video from then.

  • Greenfield, when I love this blew my mind.

  • There are there are two things that are the most important things to pay attention to.

  • If you want to live a long time and have the absence of disease and a high quality of health.

  • During that time, Number one is controlling what's called GL.

  • I see Mick variability.

  • Glycemic variability is how often your blood glucose goes up and down during the day.

  • The other is to control your inflammation.

  • Inflammation is something that builds up in the body when you eat a lot of vegetable oils, when you eat a lot of sugars and even you get exposed to high amounts of WiFi dirty electricity, poor air, unclean water, etcetera.

  • The idea is, if you can control glistening variability and inflammation, you've taken care of the two lowest hanging fruits when it comes to your longevity.

  • Now, this idea of the Obata set that enhances your fitness in a very short period of time during a work day could be brought to the next level.

  • When we look at research on what it takes to actually control blood glucose Priority eating.

  • Now, if you exercise before you eat, you'll actually enhance your body's ability to be able to maintain a normal blood glucose response after you eat.

  • But do you know how long you need exercise.

  • How long you need to do that?

  • That explosive Obata type exercise in order to enhance your blood glucose response?

  • I was shocked when I saw this study.

  • Harding, 30 seconds.

  • 30.

  • I mean, you could drop and do whatever 20 Burpees and do that prior to a meal, and you'll vastly improve your glucose response to the meal.

  • Furthermore, the the This is another research study in Japan.

  • If you walk for about 15 minutes after a meal, you also do a fantastic job at supporting your glycemic variability.

  • So the idea is for me when I know I'm gonna be eating a large meal or eating a lot of carbohydrates or having dinner or really having any meal at all.

  • I'll just go out of my way to drop into some push ups.

  • You know, I have a rule.

  • When I went about a restaurant, I'll slip into the bathroom and do I call them Air Squad's my friend Jeff.

  • When, when he first saw me do this, began to call them piss squats because I'd say it was gonna go to the bathroom to take a pee, and I'd come back kind of red face because I'd done my 40 squats.

  • But the idea is you do something that just gets the heart rate up a little bit before you go eat a big meal, then you go on a quick walk afterwards.

  • It's a very, very good way to control by seeming variability, as are those Obata sets.

There's so many incredible bio hacks that we can apply in our lives to radically transform our body.


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30秒的運動如何幫助你長壽? (How 30 Seconds Of Exercise Can Help You Live Longer)

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