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  • Aww Yeah! Today you're going to learn English with a funny clip from the Conan Show.

  • This features several short phone calls between the former and current Presidents of the U.S.,

  • Donald Trump and Barack Obama.

  • This actually happened in 2016, a few months before Trump took office

  • (that is, before he started acting officially as president).

  • So, this is a great opportunity for you to improve your vocabulary

  • and your general knowledge of politics in English.

  • And, we will also be explaining all the jokes to you so you can laugh and have fun

  • with this lesson.

  • So, are you ready? Let's jump in!

  • Every week we make lessons to helping you understand fast speaking natives without

  • without getting lost, without missing the jokes,

  • and without subtitles.

  • Just like Henry, who says that he actually stumbled on our channel accidentally,

  • but now he has improved his English a lot with all of our lessons.

  • And you'll improve a lot too!

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  • Hey! If you get a little bit confused by native pronunciation,

  • then I highly recommend that after you finished this lesson

  • you check out this other video which teaches you all about

  • and trains you in American pronunciation.

  • Awesome job today! Don't stop the learning!

  • If you enjoyed this lesson, then I know you're gonna love this other lessons that we did

  • with the real Obama and Trump.

  • Now, it's time to go beyond the classroom,

  • and LIVE your English!

  • Aww yeah!

Aww Yeah! Today you're going to learn English with a funny clip from the Conan Show.


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與美國總統特朗普和奧巴馬一起學英語|有趣的英語課程 (Learn English With President Trump & Obama | Funny English Lesson)

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