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  • This is the lock picking lawyer, and what I have for you today is a Zeta Models.

  • A 70 padlock.

  • It was actually sent to me by the company's sales manager in Taiwan, along with one other that I'll probably show you in a future video.

  • He also included a note saying that he was a fan.

  • End quote.

  • Hopefully, these two lakhs resist your superb skill of lock picking building.

  • I appreciate the compliment, and I actually hope so as well.

  • Now, while these locks are now readily available on eBay, that wasn't always the case It used to be.

  • They were quite rare in the U.

  • S.

  • I've only encountered two of them in the past.

  • One opened without too much difficulty, and the other gave me a fair bit of trouble, which I didn't fully understand, even after taking both of the locks apart and studying what appeared to be identical mechanisms.

  • That mechanism is a fairly simple slider sidebar design in a dimple configuration.

  • It's exactly what appears to be in this lock.

  • So let's see what it takes to pick it open, and then I'll take it apart to show you that mechanism for a turning tool.

  • I'm using this narrow wiper insert and toe lift.

  • Those sliders were going to use this multi pick flag.

  • Nothing on 1234 five is binding tightly.

  • Little click there.

  • Quick, out of sex, pulling back.

  • I'm stuck behind four.

  • I think I got a little click their back toe One too little click on three.

  • Nothing on four.

  • Nothing on five or six.

  • Nothing on one too.

  • Three is binding.

  • Got a little click there.

  • Nothing on four.

  • Quick out of five.

  • Nothing on six.

  • Pulling back.

  • I'm stuck behind something.

  • My guess is that was too.

  • And we got this open.

  • Okay, let's take it apart and I will show you the mechanism to take it apart.

  • We have a security torques down the shackle hole.

  • Now to get this the rest of the way apart.

  • We have a C clip.

  • Now let's pull this out.

  • We have the sidebar.

  • And to get the dough to those sliders, I need to remove this crimped top cover.

  • Okay, We have all of the springs.

  • Let's just put them aside.

  • Now let's dump all thes sliders out.

  • One, two, three, four, five and six.

  • That's organized.

  • these and I will show them to you.

  • Okay.

  • If we zoom in, we can see they are fairly simple sliders.

  • Just one true gate.

  • No false gates in them.

  • Which would have made picking a little bit harder.

  • They look a lot like the state, of course, that I've seen in past locks.

  • And this one didn't give me a whole lot of trouble.

  • So that's all I have for you today on this data models.

  • A 70 padlock.

  • If you do have any questions or comments about it, please put them below.

  • If you like this video and would like to see more like it, please subscribe.

  • And, as always, have a nice day.

  • Thank you.

This is the lock picking lawyer, and what I have for you today is a Zeta Models.


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[1074]Zeta ZA70掛鎖被撬開,內臟被挖出。 ([1074] Zeta ZA70 Padlock Picked and Gutted)

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