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  • Eight kidnappings. Six in Metropolis, two here.

  • All the vics worked for STAR Labs.

  • "Attacked by a flying vampire."

  • "Suspect was a giant bat with huge fangs."

  • One of them was a little kid. Scared. Won't say a word, but drew this.

  • - Looks like— - I know what it looks like.

  • Come on. You think he fights criminals for 20 years here,

  • and then he goes to Metropolis and kidnaps eight people?

  • I'll talk to him tonight.

  • World's gone crazy, Jim. Maybe he did, too!

  • [hydraulic lift whining]

  • [Bruce] Find the cyborg?

  • [Diana] We spoke. Give him time.

  • You must be Barry. I'm Diana.

  • Hi Barry, I'm Diana. That's not right.

  • - Great. - So this is us?

  • [Bruce] Yeah, this is us.

  • Oh! Awesome!

  • That's the Bat-Signal, that's your

  • Oh! [whispers] Sorry.

  • That's your signal. That means we have to go now.

  • - Yeah, that's ... that's what that means. - That's so cool.

  • [ominous music]

  • [thunderclap]

  • [tarp flapping in the wind]

  • [electric sizzle]

  • How many of you are there?

  • Not enough.

  • Eight people abducted from or near STAR Labs.

  • Here's the potential perp.

  • Parademons.

  • Okay.

  • The demons must have caught the scent of the Mother Box.

  • They carried people away to find out what they know.

  • So the eight may still be alive.

  • - [Cyborg] Nine. - [Flash] Oh!

  • The head of STAR Labs was taken as well.

  • [Wonder Woman] You made it.

  • So, then ... there must be a nest nearby.

  • I plotted all the sightings of Metropolis, Gotham.

  • No pattern I can see. The lines on the map don't converge.

  • On land.

  • These lead back to Braxton Island, between the two cities.

  • [Batman] Gotham Harbor.

  • These are air vents. They all lead down to the tunnel to Metropolis Project.

  • It was abandoned in '29.

  • Do you really think that

  • Oh, wow, they justthey really just vanish, huh?

  • Oh ... that's rude.

  • [electric sizzle]

  • [distant thunder]

Eight kidnappings. Six in Metropolis, two here.


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