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  • 70 minutes.

  • You'll get it.

  • But you got a lot on your mind, and I want to use it like it is living.

  • You know, when I scream on a screen with school with independent cheese in a feminine hygiene and magnificent, you got a different looking chicken and licking a second, it's it gets away.

  • In this trip in this booth, I wanted to know about my bottom, the baby to fill in the fucking you fill it up.

  • You make a beautiful bottle of baby.

  • The sickest images to swallow with baby was still doing like it's think skipping that you probably governing governing governing baby was going to a government baby.

  • Ever see Iranian this summer?

  • Joining travel is maybe not in effect what it is.

  • Oh, wait, no one of Minnesota capping me back at having written that my robin even know What is she women shopping me Think over here by you.

  • All right, you might say, But you an apartment, you walking in place?

  • It's the redeye monopoly way.

  • Wait, I know you got me you radio school season way.

  • You promised.

70 minutes.


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托里-萊恩茲 - 採取(歌詞)英尺。克里斯-布朗 (Tory Lanez - The Take (Lyrics) ft. Chris Brown)

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