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  • Yes, this is Alex.

  • And today we are making three amazing salads ... Christmas series!

  • So this year, instead of giving you tips on how to achieve the perfect turkey, I'm gonna assume that your turkey is really bad.

  • It can happen to the best of us.

  • So we are gonna make three sides, three salads and three sauces to save Christmas.

  • All those recipes are going to be cheats or twists, so those salads are very easy to make it very quick to pile, to stay a bit off the beaten track I have chosen to make three fruit-based savoury salads.

  • Okay, salad numero uno (salad number one)!

  • The first recipe is a pear and blue cheese salad.

  • Sliced pears very thinly.

  • Place them on a plate.

  • To give it a fresh taste you can drop a few leaves of mint ...

  • A few bits of blue cheese ...

  • Do not freak out.

  • It's not overpowering in terms of blue cheese.

  • The pears are going to soften the blue cheese taste, and finally, a sprinkle of those Japanese snacks, crush them lightly.

  • Just give it a quick drizzle of olive oil, salt and pepper and a few drops of red wine vinegar.

  • Perfect blue cheese salad done.

  • Salad nummer zwei (salad number two)!

  • The second salad is Moroccan inspired with clementines, orange, and a sprinkle of ras el hanout spice.

  • So start by peeling a clementine and an orange.

  • Now make a few slices as thin as possible, and it's not very easy considering how soft a clementine is.

  • But people will forgive you if you did it all by yourself.

  • You can overlap the slices.

  • It's even better.

  • So on top of that, we are adding a few slices of onion.

  • You don't want too much onion.

  • Nobody wants too much onion.

  • So that's the stage two.

  • Now just crush a bit of pistachio.

  • And finally, a touch of ras el hanout spice which has that lovely, fragrant vibes from Morocco

  • Add a drizzle of oil, but no need vinegar because the orange and the clementines are already quite acidic.

  • So that's my second salad done.

  • And salad number three, very fresh.

  • It's all about rocket leaves, some pomegranate seeds and a sprinkle of feta cheese on top.

  • You open the pomegranate like so you just follow the ridge and just get those seeds out, placed a bed of rocket salad and I'll sprinkle it generously with the cheese.

  • Finish it by crumbling some feta cheese on top.

  • Tiny drizzle of olive oil, season with salt and pepper.

  • Right ...

  • Let's give it a quick test.

  • The first salad, fresh, powerful with the blue cheese and a bit crunchy with the affinity biscuit.

  • Now the orange salad, really beautiful.

  • And especially if you dress it like this in the blue plate, it's almost a shame to break it.

  • First, the acidic stuff, then the spice.

  • So the onion is a bit pungent, but it's bringing some good attitude to the dish.

  • And finally, the pomegranate salad.

  • The feta cheese is powerful yet not too much, and the pomegranate seeds so good, a bit tangy, very fruity.

  • And you know that leaves, the rocket is bringing a nice touch of pepper.

  • So, guys, that's it.

  • I hope you enjoy these recipes.

  • And if you did give you the like thumbs up and shout out to all of you on social media.

  • Yeah, but most importantly, watch the other two videos I made about the sides and about the sauces because they are gonna literally save your Christmas.

Yes, this is Alex.


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3款聖誕沙拉|最後一分鐘的聖誕食譜 (3 Christmas SALADS | Last-Minute Christmas Recipes)

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