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  • funny tonight.

  • Here, America Strong.

  • We all want to protect our grandparent's.

  • But we also want to show them our love too.

  • In Acworth, Georgia, tonight.

  • New parents Salmon, Cody Washington walking up to that window and dealing down.

  • Hi, Daddy.

  • Oh, that new mom greeting her grandfather, Charlie Razik, inside his room, separated by the glass, holding their newborn daughter Nova.

  • He's now great grandfather Nowhere.

  • Yeah.

  • I love you away from Grandpa Charlie and then pointing to the tears his eyes.

  • Okay, you're making me cry.

  • Is she beautiful?

  • Or why she is everything and more inching tapping the glass of his great granddaughter for the first time.

  • No across this country, American families finding ways to stay connected across generations.

  • The granddaughter who lives across the street from her grandfather in Nashville, Tennessee, and her family telling us anything she does.

  • Grandpa was game to do to look at her dancing.

  • Now look at Grandpa dancing to tonight.

  • Kira and Papa Marvin checking in with us.

  • God, um, so many families that delicate dance protecting our grandparent's, but staying close at the same time.

  • Eyes.

  • Okay, you're making me cry.

  • Grandparent's great grand parents.

  • That blow of the kiss there, feeling the love and they should.

  • Good night.

  • Hi, everyone.

  • George Stephanopoulos here.

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funny tonight.


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