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  • suspect trading pattern on peps.

  • Um, pharmaceuticals.

  • One of my grunts riding the mightiest spotted a days long.

  • Buy spike.

  • Give me spirit.

  • Take a look.

  • You can all study the charts, or I can give you the answers to the test, please.

  • Lenny Bosco, Old Oaks Investments.

  • Peter Decker, Quaker Ridge Financial Dan Margolis, Century Capital Thes Three small firms all knew exactly went by and when to sell the stock they had inside information.

  • You must get pins like that every day we d'oh!

  • So get him talking.

  • And finally, it's bigger than that.

  • All three firms have links to Bobby Axelrod.

suspect trading pattern on peps.


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億萬富翁|《嫌疑人的交易模式》官方剪輯|第一季第1集 (Billions | 'Suspect Trading Pattern' Official Clip | Season 1 Episode 1)

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