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  • Thanks for coming.

  • I know you think it's worth the effort quickly.

  • Spirits.

  • Okay, I always listen to the ground.

  • It's how I got where I am on an investigation has begun into your office's methods and conduct focusing on an aborted bribery case against Axelrod.

  • Man leading the investigation is dangerous and capable.

  • A younger, even smarter version of me.

  • If you can conjure that for yourself, I scarcely can.

  • Who is it?

  • Oliver Dake Are we square now?

  • Don't serve rabbit food to an elephant and ask if he's full.

Thanks for coming.


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億萬富翁|'調查開始了'官方剪輯|第二季第一集 (Billions | 'An Investigation Has Begun' Official Clip | Season 2 Episode 1)

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