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  • Hey there! I am Hilah, so a couple of weeks ago I posted this thing on Facebook and I

  • was all like, "Please help me with show ideas because I have no ideas, and I am so stupid."

  • Just kidding, it was just like a regular thing asking people if they have any requests, and

  • a friend of mine Zeb requested a quick and dirty curry recipe that he is a bachelor type

  • of guy, and so he could like make up a big ole pot and leave it in his fridge, take it

  • for lunch or he can like show it off to a date and get some panties down, whatever,

  • we'll see if it works for him, let's go. [MUSIC]

  • So basically just a really good technique for making a currently. I don't know authentic

  • it is, but it tastes pretty good, and so we'll cut up the onion really, really small, and

  • fry it in some oil with spices and tomatoes and sort of cook that down until it's real

  • thick and then throw in the vegetables and I don't want to make a vegetarian curry today

  • because it's easier and cheaper and healthier, so there you go. All right, cut this up super-tiny,

  • let's go. All right, I got my big ole pot heated up. I am gonna put in a couple of tablespoons

  • of butter, and a little bit of oil also, and I am gonna cook my onions and my spices.

  • So I throw in my onions. Okay, so I am gonna add my spices. If you just have curry powder

  • that's fine, but most people have cumin seed also, mustard seed, whatever, but if you just

  • have, if you just have curry powder that's okay. I am just gonna give it a little crush.

  • I don't need them finely ground because I am gonna actually put them in here and sort

  • of toast them a little bit and then I will bring out a lot of the oils and then also

  • some turmeric which what I have read in my Indian cookbook readings is that it is important

  • to fry the turmeric to sort of get rid of the bitterness. I don't know any difference

  • but I am just doing what they say, and then it turns bright yellow, and it's beautiful.

  • I am gonna add in my premixed curry powder. Stir that around and then I'll add my tomatoes

  • and just let that cook for a while until it gets a little soft while I cut up my vegetables;

  • my vegetables. All right, I'll do that hand squeezing thing

  • that might gross some of you out, but you can cut them up if you want to. Okay, I forgot

  • to put the garlic in. I should have put that in before the tomatoes, but in the grand scheme

  • of things, who really cares right? So I don't know. This is kind of a lot of curry so. That

  • much. Get it in there, and then I have got potatoes and broccoli and cauliflower, but

  • you can use whatever your little heart desires. Oh, this shit is bubbling. It's like a bubbling

  • cauldron. I am gonna get my vegetables ready. I got a couple of potatoes and I have my little

  • potato friend there that looks like a ball sack, and I can't bring myself to eat it or

  • throw it away. I got some broccolis. I am gonna use the stems and the top part because

  • I don't like to waste food, and I am back, okay.

  • So I am just gonna dissect this way, set that aside, and then use this. So let's see what

  • am I doing here. So just cut off the main part of the stem, and then you can use your

  • knife just to get off most of the peel, but it's not really that tough, so it will cook

  • down and it will be fine if you don't get it all off,and just chunk it. Just as long

  • as they are roughly the same size, and these because they cook a lot faster, I want to

  • to leave them a bit, a little bigger so that they don't just turn into a big mush pile

  • at the end of it because I mean that's okay, but it's all mushy, but broccoli is one thing

  • that I am not a huge fan of if it's really overcooked. Pretty much everything else though

  • I'll eat it undercooked or overcooked or whatever. I am not very picky. Looks good, looks good.

  • All right, I am gonna cut up these potatoes. Throw these bad boys in there. Just cubes

  • about the same size as your broccoli stem chunks.

  • Whoa! So this has been about five minutes kind of over medium heat, and it's really

  • thickening up and it smells delish. So I am gonna put in these vegetables and cut up some

  • more, and then we're practically done. All right, put the potatoes on the bottom for

  • now, and then most of the broccoli stems. It'll all get mixed up later, but whatever.

  • I like to keep stuff segregated until the very last minute. A couple of carrots, I am

  • just gonna give them a rinse. I don't ever peel carrot. Who gives a shit about carrot

  • skin? It's barely there, so these little round. Whoops! Put those in, and somebody something

  • interesting about turmeric, and that is it's really good for your prostate. So guys, it's

  • a good idea to eat some turmeric or yellow curry because it has turmeric in it. Also,

  • yellow mustard is colored with turmeric, so if you love mustard, you probably have a healthy

  • prostate. All right, now these are kind of a beast to

  • cut up, but what you do is break off all these leaves and put that in the compost or send

  • it to me and I will put it in my compost, and uh, okay, I am gonna get in there like

  • that. I don't know. There's probably multiple ways to do this, but this way is kind of fun

  • because you get to use your muscles. Rrrrghhh! All right, so just like break off hunks like

  • that I guess, or if you have a better way to do it then by all means, go ahead. Okay,

  • there we go. That's the way I normally do it. That's what I meant to do getting, okay,

  • so I don't know. I don't need a ton of cauliflower because we have a lot of broccoli in there

  • already. So we have our cancer fighting cruciferous vegetables, and I will just cut these about

  • the same size as the broccoli florets. I am tired. That was like a race. Okay, throw

  • this in. I am gonna give it a stir. So colorful. Okay, now I need to add some water. We want

  • the vegetables to be pretty much covered, not completely. So maybe three cups total.

  • Yeah, that's more like it, and I am gonna add the salt at this point, and then I am

  • gonna put a lid on it, put a lid on it. I am gonna put a lid on it and just let it cook

  • for a while until they are kind of soft. That's probably a teaspoon. I am gonna stir. Oh,

  • I am also gonna throw in a can of rinsed and drained chick peas, but you can use any kind

  • of beans you want, and I am gonna put a lid on it, turn that to high because I am impatient

  • and let it cook for I don't know, 20 minutes, give it a stir every five minutes or so, and

  • then it's chow time mother. . . sorry. Get some of this business in a bowl. All right,

  • check that out. I am gonna put some cilantro on top and make it authentic. You could put

  • rice under it or you could not. I don't care. You could just eat it like that. That's what

  • I am gonna do. All right, that's how you make curry real quick down under, dirty style,

  • that's for Zeb. Check it out. Go to YouTube, subscribe to my channel, why not? I mean it's

  • fun right? See ya!

Hey there! I am Hilah, so a couple of weeks ago I posted this thing on Facebook and I


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