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  • And here's a weird thing.

  • You don't meet many of these people.

  • David Schwimmer, you are sitting next door to a unicorn.

  • Mark Ruffalo.

  • Tell David and just in fact, about yourself.

  • You know the fact I come from Kenosha, Wisconsin?

  • That's one of them.

  • You've never seen friends, have you?

  • E like you guys?

  • I've seen a lot of parts of it.

  • Totally.

  • But that must be really It is.

  • It's, I think, on the problem.

  • I'm the only one.

  • Okay.

  • Admission to make.

  • Okay.

  • When I was sent the script of episodes on, I read the first at first episode of episodes and it said on who's gonna be on your show?

  • Matt LeBlanc And I did have to Google him, so Yeah.

  • Sorry, David.

  • I was just gonna be begging you up.

  • Do you know its way?

  • Okay.

  • I'm gonna get a DVD set too.

  • Yeah.

  • Miss an all new episode of the Graham Norton show Fridays at 11.

  • On catch up.

And here's a weird thing.


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馬克-魯法洛承認他從來沒有看過《朋友》|《格雷厄姆-諾頓秀》|週五晚11點|BBC美國頻道 (Mark Ruffalo Admits He's Never Seen 'Friends' | The Graham Norton Show | Friday @ 11pm | BBC America)

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