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  • I play a lot of people in my life.

  • You have been very balanced.

  • And then I've played a couple people who are imbalanced.

  • It's much more fun to be out of line.

  • Showtime folks go out there, brings the meat back to camp or some nuts.

  • Mike Wags Wagner is the CEO of Axe Capital.

  • The right hand man to Damien knows his acts.

  • I love what we do.

  • Wags is a free spirit, lives large, and he is their toe mix things up.

  • Body sushi at the strip joint on me.

  • Certainly not try in his business life.

  • He is not shy in his private life.

  • You know what a team stands for, right?

  • He is by nature, crude and loud and nasty on, and yet he is deeply intelligent.

  • This place doesn't run with you.

  • He disarms people by allowing his animal side to come forward to say I'm not feeling the strategy.

  • Then it's a good thing, your feelings on a fucking priority.

  • The relations between Wagon Axe is very deep.

  • He's kind of like his attack dogs.

  • Go home and get your fucking shine box next way.

  • And they really are a great team.

  • They find me to be a rapacious.

  • Come back.

  • You're my rapacious car.

  • This is what love is.

  • We left off last season.

  • Axe Capital has been stripped bare and you don't know what's gonna happen next.

  • You don't let the animals back in until their keeper audiences should most look forward to wags baby shower before heading the office.

  • All the things that wag says have fun getting pneumonia.

  • Motherfuckers.

  • The thing that wags does got an asked to Oh, God.

  • Middle aged man ass.

  • It's better to accept who I am, then fight it.

I play a lot of people in my life.


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大衛-科斯塔比爾是麥克 "Wags "瓦格納 - 億萬富翁 - 第二季 (David Costabile is Mike "Wags" Wagner | Billions | Season 2)

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