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  • Do you want me to get into my honeymoon?

  • Please?

  • Look.

  • So thing was that when people and I wrote this book, people thought he was getting a little lavender sort of scented memoir.

  • And I said, Well, action Fred's no gave me.

  • And then everybody said, I'm gonna buy it for my mother.

  • Andi, I said, Well, I'm not sure I do have your mother's broadminded.

  • I've sent it to my father's are broad minded.

  • Anyway, Colin, I had the most fantastic wedding, and Hoke wise treated a son.

  • There were three tense three.

  • I had three wedding cakes on Tony.

  • Student took my wedding protocols.

  • My father rather rudely called him Turn your snapshot on any way that I was having had this amazing wedding.

  • Wonderful wedding dress on way.

  • We're going to Paris for my honeymoon on we arrived ability late at night at the Lottie Hotel on Dhe went up to the I imagine that's a bridal suite.

  • What delay Darwin deceive.

  • That was my honeymoon.

  • I mean, what I'm longing for a night of passion, Theo.

  • And then the next day we spent looking.

  • We went to the movies or something on Gary said, and then I said, Well, I've got a great treat for you, so I was happy.

  • It's real.

  • I thought dinner at the Ritz.

  • You know, I put on my best dress.

  • I don't think we got into the car and I didn't bother to Seattle the rich miles away.

  • But off we went to the ID skirt, and we stopped at this really seedy hotel.

  • I hot sank up.

  • We went to this room and there were two seats.

  • They were They were wingback velvet seats, As I said, and on the bed to really disgusting people making love about, I think back in my chair, I simply didn't want to look at Colin What they kept on saying, Would you like to join me?

  • Oh, it is very kind of you.

  • I really didn't know New Thank you on a bench.

  • Thank God they finished.

  • Theo left the room.

  • And I just say to Connie, I think calling why you took me so I thought it might, you know, I was a virgin.

  • I mean, we never made love because he used to go off to a brothel yet about your knee.

  • Oh, so I think it was safe to say Colin was a colorful character.

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Do you want me to get into my honeymoon?


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