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  • And is this ringing bells with you, child?

  • Because before I found that you played quite a few real people, Yeah, I had a had a similar experience, actually with not with the medium, but but but with James Brown.

  • Uh, because I had a lot of questions about about playing him, in fact said no to the role a lot of times, But after I accepted, it was like, Well, how you gonna do any of this?

  • The movement, the dance, that his walk is his voice, all of it.

  • And I went to sleep when night and woke up just kind of doing the voice.

  • The first thing I said was so is like his voice came out of me and it was like he said, You're gonna be good better than me.

And is this ringing bells with you, child?


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查德威克-博斯曼一覺醒來就成了詹姆斯-布朗|格雷厄姆-諾頓秀|週五晚11點|BBC美國頻道 (Chadwick Boseman Woke Up As James Brown | The Graham Norton Show | Friday @ 11pm | BBC America)

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