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  • Rick.

  • Check it out.

  • Stop.

  • Is it loaded?

  • I don't know The flame fellow.

  • I think it is a flamethrower.

  • It's an M nine, a one flame thrower from Vietnam and its operational Oh my God!

  • Flame throwers and M nine a one flame thrower from Vietnam.

  • This is late sixties.

  • It's been civilian.

  • Eyes make safer.

  • So customers go out in the desert and shoot it.

  • The flamethrowers itself about $4500.

  • Soldiers hate carrying this because it was like walking around with, like a bomb on your back.

  • The early ones were, but the later models wasn't much of an issue.

  • You also have to remember like places like Iwo Jima and the Pacific campaign.

  • Marines use flamethrowers to pretty good success.

  • Because the Japanese were entrenched many times and caves many times, you couldn't get him out of holes and things.

  • And so the flamethrower operators would walk up, find the entrance and shoot the flame thrower inside, and it would clear it.

  • What were these things built with napalm?

  • There was a mixture of diesel gasoline and a picnic Damn flamethrowers air, really fun there certainly dangerous, and they're not to mess around with but a World War Two flamethrowers are sort of where you want to be a za collector, but they're expensive, and they're hard to maintain.

  • But a good Vietnam one.

  • It's still worthwhile to a collector work.

  • It does work.

  • Okay, now there's legal issues here, and I'll address them.

  • Most states in the US allow these especially heavy agriculture states like the Midwest, because farmers still use them to clear old crop.

  • But typically they're filled with diesel fuel.

  • Something more stable than napalm.

  • And they're considered farm equipment.

  • Okay, how much is something like this?

  • This is about $4500.

  • I love you for him to shoot it.

  • Hell, yeah.

  • I want to shoot that thing.

  • A flamethrower.

  • Now, that's pretty cool.

  • I just hope that after chum shoots the flame thrower, I'll still be alive to make the deal.

  • This will shoot a wall of fire 30 yards.

  • Ready?

  • That's enough.

  • Stop.

  • Pretty bad.

  • I was over too soon.

  • That that was the most terrifying thing I've ever experienced in my life.

  • Well, let me tell you what Oh, what was warm over here?

  • Let's take this thing off because we're definitely gonna have to buy this bad boy how I'd love it.

  • What do you think?

  • I mean, it works.

  • Great.

  • Works great.

  • No, it's bad.

  • It is badass.

  • And it's why they don't make them anymore.

  • You know, it was terrifying.

  • It was fairly efficient.

  • It was pretty useful in World War Two by the time Vietnam came along, You know, after that the U.

  • S.

  • Military stop making them and decommission all the ones that were there.

  • So it's a model and nine, it's Vietnam era.

  • Um, it is Maur or less original parts.

  • The parts that need to be replaced because of function and safety have been the wand is reproduction, which is common for flame furthers.

  • They're actually being used because the Vietnam wands are very rare and hard to find.

  • Ron, I know when you told us about the value, you said 4500 and I'm going to do something I rarely do.

  • Eyes actually say I think you're wrong.

  • I think the value is quite a bit higher, almost double I've seen these cell in this condition and this functionality for I would say, a minimum eight grand and sometimes more.

  • So I think you're being really generous.

  • All right, So you know what you said 4500.

  • He said it's worth, like, eight grand.

  • Can we just sell a five grand?

  • You being a Vegas guy for sure?

  • We can do it.

  • All right, Sweet five grand.



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