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  • I think he's happy.

  • I love you.

  • You're a brave girl.

  • So what's the story, young lady?

  • We're on our way to Minneapolis.

  • It wasn't an accident.

  • Well, sooner or later, everybody does, right?

  • I nearly had you, didn't I?

  • Since you're traveling, would like to do a CAT scan Daddy's gonna take.

  • I'm gonna wait right here for you when you get out.

  • What hours?

  • You know how much longer it's gonna be.

  • What was her name again?

  • Harry Monroe.

  • I'm not seeing a Perry Monroe.

  • There hasn't been a skin since nine o'clock this morning.

  • They're not here the whole day and not finding any Monroe.

  • I just want to see my wife and daughter.

  • Do you have any footage?

  • Don't record in the treatment areas, right?

  • That the camera can't see them because of the chairs.

  • You get a better angle.

  • You saw my little girl.

  • You treated her own.

  • All I've got going is your word that they were here?

  • Thinks I'm making.

  • Why would I have my daughter, Scott?

  • No.

  • There's something wrong with this place.

  • I should get a picture.

  • That could be anybody.

  • I was concerned about them as you are.

  • So it will when he needs to get hurt.

  • I mean, he's a head case.

I think he's happy.


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