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  • Why are some people left-handed? Because they are evil, and in congress with the devil.

  • Not a very popular point of view these days, I'll admit. But one that was very prevalent

  • back in days of old when knights were bold.

  • And back then when anybody used their left hand dominantly was thought to be, at best,

  • a bit odd, and at worst, in league with Beelzebub. It's why the word sinister comes from the

  • Latin 'sinistra' meaning of the left.

  • And yet throughout human history around ten per cent of us have used our left hand dominantly

  • for most tasks, with slightly more men than women being left handed. And research has

  • even proved that some Neanderthals were left dominant.

  • For a while it was believed that left-handed people had their brains wired differently.

  • Some do. Most humans use the left hemispheres of their brain to speak and to understand

  • language: between 75 and 90 per cent of us, according to scholarly types.

  • Because using your dominant hand requires a similar amount of brain power, it was reckoned,

  • for a long time, that the other half of your brain must therefore be used for doing this,

  • so the majority of us are right handed.

  • But this doesn't quite stack up, around 30 per cent of left handers do indeed have reversed

  • brain lateralisation, or no dominant side at all, but the vast majority of them still

  • use the left hand brain for language, the same as normal people.

  • Another big factor is definitely your genes. As with height, body shape and being ginger,

  • lefthandedness can be transmitted from generation to generation. If both of your parents are

  • leftists, then there's a 26 per cent chance that you will be too. More than double the

  • normal odds.

  • It's also possible that your hand preference is established some time before you even arrive

  • in the world. Premature babies are more likely to be left handed, there's also some evidence

  • that ultra-sonic scans increases the chances of a baby being a left hander.

  • All of which is an elaborate way of saying nobody really knows. But being left dominant

  • does give you one or two interesting advantages and a couple of major drawbacks as well.

  • Let's start with the downsides: around 20 per cent of people who develop schizophrenia

  • are left-handed. They're also more prone apparently to dyslexia and ADHD, they also have a reputation

  • of being more angry than the rest of us. On the plus side though, they are less susceptible

  • to ulcers and arthritis.

  • There's also plenty of evidence that left-handed people are more creative. A disproportionate

  • number of great artists painted with their left hands.

  • Leftists are also better at getting elected it would seem at least judging by recent American

  • history because four of the last seven presidents have been lefties, Obama, Clinton, Bush senior

  • and Gerald Ford.

  • And left-handers also do well in sport and, if we go back far enough, fighting. This is

  • because a left hander has a distinct advantage over a right handed opponent who will probably

  • only have ever faced other right handed people, that makes them particularly vulnerable to

  • a sudden southpaw.

  • But as a minority left handers like nudists have long have to accept that the world is

  • failing to adapt to them. Dozens and dozens of everyday items from corkscrews, to scissors

  • and even books, are designed for right-handed use.

  • On the plus side, left-handers have their own day to celebrate being a bit different,

  • there are also special left handed shops where you can buy left handed everyday tools and

  • even left handed pianos.

Why are some people left-handed? Because they are evil, and in congress with the devil.


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為什麼有些人是左撇子?- 詹姆斯-梅的Q&A(第39集)--擠頭術 (Why are some people left-handed? - James May's Q&A (Ep 39) - Head Squeeze)

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