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  • So if you were cooking dinner, what would you do?

  • How would you do it differently?

  • If I was in charge of dinner, I would make

  • I would make a whole steak dinner,

  • What about picnic for dinner?

  • No I would buy a toy rocket, then put custard cream all over it. Then pot noodles on.

  • So we could fly up to the moon and eat the cheese moon.

  • - Yeah, I would take it. - To my bedroom. - Yeah I would take it to his bedroom.

  • I would go in the sea and fish for some mussels and fry it all up so I could eat it.

  • If I was in charge of dinner I would eat.

  • - Carrots - Carrots

  • - He likes apples and bananas, do you?

  • - Oh I forgot - Sausage

  • I would make everyone sit on the carpet.

  • Mmm, chicken and rice and broccoli and carrot and stuff.

  • And you'd probably eat spicy food, won't you?

  • - I don't like spicy stuff. - I love spicy stuff, but they make me really crazy.

  • My favourite food is spaghetti Bolognese.

  • - Basghetti bolognese. - Basghetti, basghetti.

  • I know how to make that.

  • Ahh, I've just forgotten.

  • Okay, so we would get some.

  • - Cheese. - Magic cheese

  • It's got meat and leafs of nettles and onions and pepper spice.

  • No don't

  • Prawns?

  • Fish?

  • No wait, I've still got it in my head.

  • Spit it out then.

  • Then I'd put onions and big, big mushrooms in.

  • You know the stuff that goes with spaghetti bolognese, not the spaghetti the...

  • - Green bits - No, no

  • Then you chop them

  • Mince

  • And then you put it in the oven

  • That's it, done.

  • That sounds like the 'goodest' one ever

  • I would cook it for my whole family.

So if you were cooking dinner, what would you do?


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英國孩子如何看待晚餐...| Sainsbury's (How British kids think about dinner... | Sainsbury's)

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