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  • Hi, Welcome to Discovery English Studios, my name is Chad.

  • We are currently in a series called Real Friends.

  • Sometimes in our friendships, we do thing that we regret.

  • We say things we wish we could take back.

  • What should we do in those situations?

  • One of my favorite Bible verses says,

  • "Don't be selfish and try to impress others.

  • Be humble, thinking of others as better than yourself."

  • I believe the best way to maintain a long lasting friendship

  • is to learn to be humble.

  • Let's listen to today's story.

  • At a private girls high school,

  • three students were chatting in the hallway between classes.

  • One of the students was Stacy,

  • a very bright and considerate young girl.

  • As she talked with two other popular students,

  • they said something that surprised Stacy.

  • "Did you hear what Lisa said about you?"

  • Stacy thought to herself, "Lisa is one of my best friends.

  • What could she possibly be saying about me?"

  • "We heard that Lisa thinks you have been bragging lately

  • about your high test scores."

  • "Someone said Lisa thinks you are turning into a real nerd."

  • Both girls stared at Stacy to watch her reaction.

  • Stacy immediately grabbed her backpack

  • and ran down the stairs to the school exit.

  • Stacy was steaming on the long bus ride home.

  • She kept imagining Lisa spreading these hurtful words

  • to her classmates.

  • Stacy knew that she had never bragged about her test scores.

  • "Why was Lisa saying such things?", she wondered.

  • That night, in her anger,

  • Stacy wrote a message on Lisa's Facebook wall,

  • "Dear Lisa, Don't bother calling me anymore.

  • If you have something to say to me,

  • say it to my face, not behind my back!"

  • Later that evening,

  • Lisa saw the comment that Stacy had written on her wall.

  • She was shocked and confused.

  • "I've never said anything bad about Stacy" she thought.

  • "Why would she say that?"

  • Lisa was now feeling upset too.

  • Lisa quickly wrote back, "What are talking about?

  • I didn't say those things! I thought we were friends."

  • Before bedtime, Stacy checked Facebook again.

  • As she read Lisa's response,

  • her anger turned to guilt and embarrassment.

  • In her anger, Stacy had reacted without thinking.

  • Instead of first asking Lisa about the situation,

  • she said something on Facebook that she wished she could take back.

  • But it was too late. She had already hurt Lisa with her comments.

  • And worst of all, her whole class had seen the message too!

  • How would she face Lisa the next day?

  • What would she say?

  • The next day after school, Stacy finally got up the nerve to face Lisa.

  • Stacy gently grabbed her arm and asked if they could chat a moment.

  • They sat down on a bench in the outdoor flower garden.

  • Stacy slowly began to apologize.

  • "Lisa, I am so sorry.

  • Yesterday when those girls said you called me a nerd, I got mad.

  • I reacted without even thinking. My feelings were hurt.

  • I don't know why I didn't come to your first.

  • I can't believe how I acted.

  • Now I have made the situation even worse!

  • I feel so ashamed."

  • Lisa, trying to see at the situation from Stacy's perspective,

  • put down her own pride and said,

  • "Stacy, you know I would never say those things about you.

  • You shouldn't believe everything you hear.

  • Why didn't you just ask me about it?"

  • Stacy said, " I know. I should have come to you first.

  • Will you please forgive me?"

  • Lisa smiled and said. "Of course I do!"

  • Then the girls gave each other a big hug.

Hi, Welcome to Discovery English Studios, my name is Chad.


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07- 真正的朋友--是謙虛的 (07- Real Friends - Are Humble)

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