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  • Good morning, Hank.

  • It's Tuesday, So I've seen up close out.

  • The celebrity industrial complex can manufacture heroic narratives around almost any person or, for that matter, manufacturer villainous ones, whichever is more fiscally useful.

  • And I'm disturbed by corporations ca modifying human souls to sell movie tickets.

  • By the way, I'm on my way to get a haircut, and I know the only reason people are talking about Kiana Reeves right now is because he has a new movie out in various PR machinations are incredibly good at getting us to give that movie free advertising.

  • But still I freaking love and hair cut.

  • Now listen, I don't think Chiana Reeves is like a golden God or anything.

  • If you want people to admire, look to teachers and librarians, not actors or, for that matter, novelists.

  • I don't think he on Reeves is like achieved enlightenment or whatever.

  • I just think that from what I know of him, Chiana Reeves has come closer to achieving enlightenment than any other famous person.

  • But let's start with his work.

  • Chiana Reeves is a great actor.

  • Some people don't get his acting, which is fine.

  • Some people don't get why Shakespeare was a great playwright, but he still was.

  • Speaking of which, when Chiana reads, Turned Down a Weapon $1,000,000 to be in Speed two and instead played Hamlet in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

  • The Sunday Times critic called his performance one of the top three Hamlets I have seen for a simple reason.

  • He is Hamlet.

  • Look, I don't labor under the delusion that Chiana Reeves has never been in a bad movie, But I do believe he's never been bad in a movie.

  • He's a great comic actor.

  • Bill and Ted is a classic.

  • He's a wonderful dramatic actor.

  • See, for instance, is wrenching performance in my own private Idaho.

  • And he's an action icon.

  • There's an old line.

  • Hollywood producers ask about actors.

  • Sure, he can act, But can he hold a gun?

  • Chiana Reeves can hold a gun, But what most fascinates me about Quiano is his work off screen in dealing with the press and in being a famous person who is seemingly able to maintain a sense of self, which I can report is a tricky business, even for those of us who aren't the faces of $1,000,000,000 movie franchises.

  • Cheon is the kind of person who might in an interview say that he respects Buddhism but has not quote taken refuge in the Dharma.

  • Or he might dismiss Hollywood gossip by saying that it exists in another universe that doesn't have much to do with me.

  • Or he might refer to the endless indemnification of his life as Quote that Internet deal.

  • Hank, As you pointed out in your video, what makes Quiano so brilliant at interviewing is that he really listens.

  • He listens to precisely the question that is being asked, and then he answers it carefully.

  • Before I knew any actors, I thought that acting was about pretending like I basically thought it was a form of lying.

  • But really, I think acting is mostly about listening, right?

  • So because of all these interviews and because he's been a public figure for decades, there's a lot we know about Kiana Reeves.

  • We know that he's dyslexic, that he attended four different high schools, that he has written a funny book about being sad, called Oda Happiness.

  • We know that he plays the bass and reads Proust and co founded a motorcycle company.

  • But really, we don't know much at all about Kiana Reeves As he once noted, I'm Mickey Mouse.

  • They don't know who's inside the suit.

  • Indeed, we don't.

  • When I was younger, I wanted to be famous because I thought it would be nice to have people like me.

  • But when my work became publicly known, I never felt as if people liked me.

  • I felt as if they liked Mickey Mouse.

  • I became interested in Chiana Reeves because he seemed to have found a way through that complexity.

  • And what I've concluded after reading interviews and stories about him is that we don't know who's in his Mickey Mouse suit.

  • But Kion who does and that's all that matters.

  • And, yeah, it is nice to be able to sit on a park bench without having to worry about being photographed.

  • But with that problem, which is very really comes opportunities which are also very riel, not just opportunities to lend your voice to causes that matter, but also opportunities to make people's days better by taking selfies with them or by photo bombing their wedding pictures.

  • Now, of course, it's easy to make people happy when you're wearing a Mickey Mouse suit, but each of us has the opportunity every day to be kind to others and to listen carefully to them.

  • Thanks for teaching me that key on you, Hank.

  • I'll see you on Friday.

Good morning, Hank.


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