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  • The world's first wireless Online Electric Vehicle has begun its first test run in Korea.

  • Developed by Korean researchers,... the new technology will likely bring about a revolution

  • in the electric vehicle market.

  • Kim Min-ji tells us more. The vehicle rolls down the road,... just like any other bus.

  • But as it approaches the bus stop,... it begins to charge itself automatically.

  • The Online Electric Vehicle... receives power through Shaped Magnetic Field in Resonance

  • technology... that enables the bus to transfer electricity from the road while in motion.

  • "The bus is able to charge itself as it passes over parts of the road that have charging

  • facilities installed. The bus then can travel on its route with a charged battery."

  • The power comes from electric cables buried underground,... creating magnetic fields,...

  • which the bus then converts into electricity.

  • The bus's battery is only one-fifth of the size of the battery on regular electric buses,...

  • and can receive 100 kilowatts,... or 1-hundred-36 horsepower,... of electricity at a 75 percent

  • maximum power transmission efficiency rate.

  • Moreover, the charging facilities are not expensive to install,... and the vehicles

  • can be charged while stationary or while in motion,... making it both quick and economical.

  • Developed by researchers at the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology,... the

  • wireless Online Electric Vehicle has also been listed as one of the world's 10 most

  • promising technological developments by the World Economic Forum.

  • For now,... two buses will operate in a test run on a 24-kilometer bus route in the city

  • of Gumi... in North Gyeongsang Province.

  • "The pilot program will run until the end of the year. Next year, we plan to get government

  • support and expand operations. This new technological development will likely replace transportation

  • worldwide."

  • The Korean government hopes that the commercialization of the new technology will give the country

  • a boost in the electric vehicle market.

  • Kim Min-ji, Arirang News.

The world's first wireless Online Electric Vehicle has begun its first test run in Korea.


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世界上第一輛無線電動汽車在韓國開始試運行。 在韓國成立충전 전기 父親스 세계 첫행 (World's first wireless electric vehicle begins test run in Korea 무선충전 전기버스 세계 첫 운행)

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