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  • I'm opening up a can of Q & A Tuesday! Yes, I am! Hmm.

  • Q: Today's question comes from the lovely Ainsley in Australia and she writes:

  • "I'm slowly building a nice income online and I'm wondering what to do with the money?

  • Do I reinvest in my company, pay myself, or save? PS. I love your team approach. I can

  • tell the love you have for your girls." Thank you, Ainsley! I do love my girls! I love them

  • hard, not that hard but I do love them hard.

  • A: Ainsley, this is a rad question! I love to hear about entrepreneurs like you who are

  • making money online. So great job, baby! So here's the thing when it comes to money, money

  • is a fantastic tool that can help you create whatever you want in your life. But first

  • you need to get clear on exactly what you want that money to do for you. You mentioned

  • reinvesting in your company which generally speaking I totally recommend but here's the

  • thing, before you even think about that you need to be clear on your vision for your company.

  • So do you want your company to grow bigger? Do you want to hire more staff? Do you need

  • more equipment or better equipment? You need to answer these questions before you think

  • of about really reinvesting in how you want it to grow. You should also have a really

  • good accountant, someone who can advise you on how to save money on your taxes, how to

  • figure out what to do with retirement money, how much you should save and where you should

  • actually put it; and also what you can afford in terms with hiring staff.

  • Next up you mentioned paying yourself and saving which both fall under the umbrella

  • of your personal finances. Paying yourself and saving are hugely important but once again

  • it depends on what the rest of your financial life actually looks like. So do you have credit

  • card debt right now? Do you have existing savings? What are your personal financial

  • goals? Look, as you know no one teaches us about money in school. At least they didn't

  • teach us about that in my school. So it's up to each of us to get educated about money,

  • how it works and what to do with it once we have some.

  • So to give you some recommendations, here are three financial experts that have made

  • a really big impact on my financial life. First up, we've got Mr. David Bach and specifically

  • two of his books, Smart Women Finish Rich and The Automatic Millionaire. Now you may

  • have heard of David before because he's appeared on Oprah lots of times, very smart gentleman.

  • Specifically what David taught me and what I really took away from his teachings was

  • how to automate my savings. I put that into practice a few years ago and have never looked

  • back since.

  • The other thing that he taught me which was amazing is how to legally cheat the banks

  • out of hundreds of thousands of dollars in mortgage interest. Now to be fair my mom and

  • dad did introduce me to that idea when I was little but it was David Bach who got me to

  • put the idea into practice which of course is all that matters. Next up is Ms. Suze Orman,

  • another Oprah darling. Now love or hate her, Suze knows how to make an impact and here's

  • what she did for me.

  • That woman scared the bejeezus out of me especially when it comes to things like wills and trusts,

  • and making financial agreements with the people that you love. Last but not least, my dear

  • friend and who I affectionately call my Indian boyfriend, Ramit Sethi. He's the author of

  • the New York Times bestseller, I Will Teach You To Be Rich. Now here's what I love about

  • Ramit, he is so No BS! He does not tolerate whining or complaining, or anyone just being

  • a wuss about their money.

  • It's kind of amazing. Some people think he's slightly abusive or maybe even a little bit

  • belligerent. I like that kind of thing! That's how I like my advice, like straight up, hardcore!

  • This is what you do, that's it! So you should check out Ramit, if that style works for you.

  • Now again there are loads of financial gurus out there with really sound advice but if

  • I were you, Ainsley, I would brush up on some of the personal financial basics and get some

  • clarity around your money goals.

  • Then you know what you can do, you can take all that jingle from your hot online business

  • and you can put it to good use. Cha-Ching! So that is my A to your Q, woman! Thank you

  • so much for asking. Money is such an important topic and I'm so glad that we started to dive

  • into it today. If you have personal favorite financial resources to share, leave a comment

  • below this video! Let me know what you enjoy.

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  • you next time! Thank you so much for watching!

  • (Let's open up a can of Q & A Tuesday! Whatcha say?)

I'm opening up a can of Q & A Tuesday! Yes, I am! Hmm.


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