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  • Could that be the intro?

  • Q: Amy writes:

  • "First of all I LOVE you and B-School and it's helped me in ways that I didn't even

  • imagine- so thank you.” You are welcome Amy. “ I've been working really hard on

  • my business, but I'm getting push-back from the hubs. He says that he supports my work

  • but complains when I spend 'too much time on the computer.' I've tried to explain what

  • I'm working towards, but it's not helping. I need your awesome Marie insight. What can

  • I do?"

  • A: Great question Amy as this is GROWING and serious issue that so many business owners

  • including myself can relate to.

  • Because when you're super passionate about work and you love what you do, you want to

  • do it all the time! I feel you girl!

  • I can tell you from experience that "too much time on the computer" can completely destroy

  • your relationship. And here's the thing, an F'd up personal life can have a huge,

  • negative impact on your business.

  • What you need girl is to have systems in place so your husband gets the attention he needs,

  • and you don't turn into a burnt-out workaholic.

  • Here's are three things I recommend:

  • 1. My "Ain't No Half Steppin'" technique - This is inspired by Big Daddy Kane. Here's what this means, when your man needs attention,

  • give him your FULL attention. That means don't half listen or half check your email. Even

  • if it's just two minutes, stop what you're doing and give it to him fully. (weird sexy

  • voice.....yeahh give it to him...)

  • On the other hand, if you're in the middle of something and can't take a break --- say

  • so, nicely. Tell him you need X amount of time to finish up what you're working on - then

  • he gets your full attention.

  • So you either are FULLY focused on work or fully focused on him. Ain't no half steppin'!

  • 2. The "Das What's Up" Session

  • You have to keep your man in the loop on your projects plus you gotta stay up to date on

  • his schedule.

  • Every day, have a "Das What's Up" session to fill each other what's happening in your

  • life. So meetings, projects, things that are going on. Anything that happens on during

  • the week.

  • For example, let's say you're normally done working by 6pm. But this week, you're launching

  • your new website on Thursday, that means on Wednesday night, your ass is gonna be working

  • up late and you know it.

  • If he knows what to expect, he can support you.

  • He can make plans with his friends or simply not get upset on Wednesday night because you're

  • still banging away on your keyboard at midnight.

  • You'll be surprised what a little advanced notice can do for your relationship.

  • Strategy 3. My Favorite: Hip-Hop Shabbat

  • In the Jewish tradition, Shabbat is the Sabbath - it's a day of rest: you're not supposed

  • to do things like work, drive, or use electricity. If you wanna get biblical about it, there's

  • 39 things you should not be doing including:

  • Plowing, grinding, kneading, weaving, tying, untying, slaughtering, curing, preserving,

  • riding, erasing, flaying, smoothing, dying, shearing, winnowing, transferring domains

  • and more!

  • But my version is called Hip-Hop Shabbat and here's how it works.

  • You choose one day a week with your hubs (saySaturday or Sunday) that you both not gonna work or

  • you're not gonna go diddle around on your cell phone or your computer..

  • That means no Tweeting, Facebooking, Youtubing, Texting, Marketing, Instagraming, "Just Answering

  • This One" Emailing.

  • Computers and cell phones are totally off limits EXCEPT for emergency family calls or

  • making dinner reservations.

  • And the whole point of the day is to spend QUALITY time together. It's about having fun

  • and talking, and really just being connected, and giving each other your full undivided attention.

  • It doesn't matter what you actually DO during that time - you can watch movies, cook meals,

  • go on adventures - whatevs!

  • The key here is to make sure that you guys have Hip-Hop Shabbat at LEAST one day a week.

  • Hip Hop Shabbat Is Rabbi Approved.

  • Amy - that's my A to your Q, hope you enjoyed it! As always, make sure you IMPLEMENT and

  • let me know how it goes.

  • Now what say YOU? Any effective systems for curbing your workaholism? Did your husband

  • or your wife or your partner ever complain you spend too much time on the computer? If

  • so, leave a comment below and let me know.

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  • Thank you so much for watching and I'll catch you next time!

Could that be the intro?


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