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  • Hey, it's Marie here with another Q & A Tuesday!

  • (Happy New Year! Happy New Year! Happy New Year! Happy New Year!)

  • Happy New Year! I bet you're totally sick of hearing that, right? Okay well, that's

  • great because that's what this Q & A Tuesday is all about! Oh no, you're not sick of hearing

  • it yet?

  • (Happy New Year! Happy New Year!) Okay, I'm done. I promise.

  • Q: Let's look at our first question and it's actually from Jessalicious. This is what she

  • writes:

  • "How do you plan for the New Year ahead? I always struggle with planning, it overwhelms

  • me and I'm not sure how to do it in a way that's fun and inspiring while getting me

  • on the right track to accomplish what I want to do in the next year."

  • A: So we actually had a lot of questions very much like this. You know, "How do I plan for

  • the New Year", and I'm going to tell you right now. So the first thing that I do and I actually

  • started this in December, and it's awesome is clearing away all the crap and creating

  • a lot of whitespace. So what does that mean? I literally go through every single corner

  • of my house, of my apartment, of my work area, of my closet, of my drawers and just get rid

  • of the junk!

  • I live in New York City, you probably heard a little "beep, beep" and even if you didn't

  • there was a little "beep, beep" sound. Anyway, living in New York I don't have that much

  • space to begin with but even the space that we do have, some how it gets cluttered. And,

  • I can't think straight with that much static. It's impossible for me to really discover

  • what I want to create in the future. Like you know, create all kinds of good projects

  • and plans if there's crap around me.

  • So the first step for me is always clearing things out and I would highly, highly recommend

  • that for you whether you take a day or you do it over the course of a couple weeks. You'll

  • be very targeted and go to like your hot zones, and spend a few hours you know, put on some

  • cool jams, dance around, clear things out. Awesome first step!

  • The next thing that I do to really take advantage of the New Year is once I have this whitespace

  • then it's about really asking myself, "What do I want to put out into the world in this

  • next year? What are the projects that I want to do?" And, you're actually seeing one of

  • them, right now. I've had this intuitive little desire to do more with videos. So back last

  • year I started kind of putting the plans in place to make this happen right now.

  • So ask yourself, what are the projects that you want to create? Either they're things

  • that you want to write, things that you want to put out in your business, new product and

  • services that you want to launch. Maybe there's personal things that you want to make sure

  • that get "baked" in to this New Year. Maybe you want to go to Fuji, maybe you want to

  • just take four weeks vacation over the course of 12 months. I don't know but just let your

  • imagination run wild and get everything down on paper.

  • Q: And now, for our next question. This is from Anita and Anita's question is awesome.

  • It's a perfect layout! She says:

  • "Hello Marie. I don't have a very creative or inspiring New Year's question, but she

  • actually does, do you ever make any New Year resolutions?" Thought that was a really juicy

  • question, most people probably because I'm in the personal development and business growth

  • space think that I have like a sh*t bunch of New Year's resolutions. Here's my answer:

  • A: No resolutions. My whole philosophy around New Year resolutions is "resolutions, smelusions."

  • I think they suck! I try not to make myself feel like a loser like as much as possible.

  • And in the past, doing resolutions always make me feel like a loser because by the time

  • January 15 or 20th rolled around, I was totally off the wagon. I felt like crap. I was like,

  • "God, I can't stick with anything. I'm terrible."

  • So I said, "Screw it! I'm just going to give it up!" So here's what I do instead, once

  • I've made that big juicy list of all the things that I want to create that we were talking

  • about just a few minutes ago. I go through and I filter with these two questions; first,

  • what on this list is going to be the most spiritually profitable? So what's going to

  • bring me the most joy? What of these projects are the ones that I'm most excited about?

  • And then, I look through a second lens and that is what is going to be most financially

  • profitable?

  • Because I'm a business woman and I love making me the Benjamins, I take a look at all the

  • projects on the list and go, "Well, what's actually going to put money in the bank?"

  • And as long as it's spiritually profitable and financially profitable, then I do the

  • important next step which is this, schedule it! If you don't schedule it, it's not real

  • and I think that's why many New Year resolutions kind of fall short because you're making this

  • empty promise to yourself of how you're going to be and what you're going to do.

  • It just stays and kind of you know, cloudy zone up here. But if you're really committed

  • to something, the moment you schedule it and get it into your calendar, it becomes real!

  • So a really simple way to approach what you want to get done in the New Year! You'll feel

  • less like a loser and you'll be more likely to actually get things done and if you use

  • those two filters; spiritually profitable and financially profitable. You'll not only

  • love what you're going to be doing but it'll put money in the bank, too.

  • So, that's what I've got for ya for this Q & A Tuesday! Hope you enjoyed it and if you

  • did enjoy it; please like it, leave me a comment, share it with your friends and don't forget

  • to subscribe at So we can stay connected! So yeah that's all I got and

  • I'll talk to you next time!

Hey, it's Marie here with another Q & A Tuesday!


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