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  • It's time for another Q & A Tuesday!

  • Q: So we're going to get rocking with Amy and Amy writes:

  • "I get asked a lot to participate in programs, do interviews, write articles, etc. I feel

  • like I've been saying yes to everything in order to stay top of mind and build exposure

  • for my name and brand. But it's burning me out! Do you have some tips to help me recognize

  • the good opportunities versus the ones that are not worth my time? As I grow my biz, they

  • all seem worth it."

  • A: Amy, that's an awesome question. Immediately it reminded me of this incredible quote that

  • I first thought was from Lewis Carroll's Alice In Wonderland but upon further Google investigation

  • I discovered it's not from that. It's actually from a George Harrison song, go figure! The

  • quote goes like this, "If you don't know where you're going, any road will take you there."

  • Amy, the first thing that you need is clarity on where you're going, where you're going

  • for the long-term in your business, and where you're going in the short-term. Once you know

  • that, then what you need is what I call a filter question. A filter question is a simple

  • question that you ask yourself that helps guide your actions and decisions on a daily

  • basis.

  • Filter question will help you focus all of your time and your attention on the activities

  • that will get you where you want to go the fastest. Here's an example, let's say that

  • your long-term goal is to build a very profitable online business and your first milestone is

  • a hundred-thousand in revenue. So let's say you're short-term goal is to add 5,000 high-quality

  • subscribers to your email list over the next three months.

  • Every time that another opportunity comes up you have to ask yourself this filter question,

  • how will this help me add 5,000 subscribers to my email list over the next three months?

  • If it doesn't, you say no and it's that simple. So here's a few key points about filter questions;

  • first up, they will change as you achieve goals and set new ones.

  • Number two, the great thing about filter questions is they just don't apply to business. You

  • can use them in your personal life. So let's say you want to lose 10 pounds over the next

  • two months. You want to get all sleek and fit and trim. The next time you're going to

  • put something in your mouth, you going to ask yourself is this going to help me lose

  • 10 pounds over the next few months? And if not, do not put that thing in your mouth,

  • girl!

  • Ooh, that sounded weird! I mean don't eat it. You know what I mean.

  • So number three is to share your filter questions and your goals with your team and with your

  • friends, and family. So they can help you stay on track. They can remind you of that

  • filter question any time you start to go into overwhelm and you got too many things coming

  • at you. They can help you get where you want to go. Speaking of sharing, let's get this

  • party started right now. In the comments below this video, I would

  • love to know your top three goals. Whether they're short-term or long-term and I want

  • to know your filter question. What are you going to use for yourself to help you stay

  • focused and on track. Write it now. So there we have it. That's how we're going to A that

  • Q for today. Hope you enjoyed it!

  • If you did enjoy it, like it and share with your friends. And if you're not yet on the

  • newsletter list, come on over to and jump on. Thank you so much for watching

  • and I will catch you next time!

It's time for another Q & A Tuesday!


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