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  • stage to our people in is closed up.

  • Oxlade Stage two Auto started stage one and stage two lakhs.

  • Load for lights are engine chills started Stage one R p one load is complete.

  • Vehicles and self line vehicles.

  • Tanks are pressing in preparation for strong Bakri.

  • Trick stage one lakhs is closed out.

  • Stage two lakhs.

  • Load is closed out.

  • Gas clothes out to start Falcon nine's and started Falcon nine Southcom go for launch and landing.

  • 15 seconds.

  • 10 nine it seven six.

  • Bye for three two one condition.

  • Lift off has cleared the tower.

  • Hillary Stage props, nominal power and telemetry nominal our country stations of receiving altitude 30 kilometers Beckett and still 60 kilometers Basic skill 100 Go.

  • The separation confirmed Stage orders entered its flip recognition stage while on booze Bag has started bearing separation confirmed Stage one boost Back to shut down Object stage Water entry burn has started.

  • Stage oil it actually but shut up.

  • Stage one F.

  • T s stewed waters Trance tonic stewed, want landing but has started storage wad lady legs at the point.

  • Vandenberg LZ for the Falcon has landed lading operators moving a procedure 11.100 on W.

  • C.

  • F.

  • 90 Recovery to debt.

  • Successful landing.

  • Which two of you at the stake?

  • State student Terminal guidance.

  • Good, good one Spacecraft separation confirmed.

stage to our people in is closed up.


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B2 中高級

SAOCOM 1A特派團 (SAOCOM 1A Mission)

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