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  • Hi, everyone, welcome back to my channel.

  • In this video, I will tell you about seven different ways off how you can start making money online today.

  • So if you are interested in this content, please keep watching.

  • Affiliate marketing is extremely popular these days and has constantly been on the rise in the past few years.

  • Affiliate marketing is essentially selling someone else's product and sending the customer from your platform to their online store to purchase.

  • There is a ton of affiliate marketing platforms these days, ranging from Amazon Influencer program to click backs.

  • And if you really think about any large brand, they probably have an affiliate program.

  • And usually you make money on commission from sales.

  • So, for example, on my channel I have been talking about algo expert dot io slash luba Algo Expert is a great platform to see code in interview videos and explanation.

  • And essentially, when someone subscribes or purchases access to all the video content on the platform through my link, I get a commission, so that's an example of affiliate marketing, and it's a great way to earn money online.

  • Next up, An amazing way to start making money online is drop shipping, something that has also been very popular in the last decade.

  • Drop shipping is essentially taken, a product that someone else, manufacturers and its very popular to find manufacturer in China and selling that product to your customers and why it's cool.

  • Drop shipping is because the manufacturer or the middlemen than that you actually are in relationship with they drop ship the products that you're selling to your customers So you actually do not have to care at all about having the inventory having to fulfill the order.

  • The only thing you do is drive people to your platform and then just tell the manufacturer the middle person, that thes customer's purchase the products and that this product, Shipman needs to be fulfilled.

  • I personally know people that make a very substantial amount of money a month drop shipping.

  • It's also very easy business to get into because you might be thinking all but how do I test the product?

  • How do I know that the product can be successful and I can actually sell it on my online store platform, But at the same time, you can actually just take a product from Ali Baba and put some money, maybe $2030 into Facebook ads and target the audience that you think this product would be interesting to, to see if there is any interest before putting all that time to building an actual online store.

  • And as far as the online store goes, there is a ton of platforms that make it also extremely easy such a shop, if I will commerce.

  • If you want to go the extra mile, you can go ahead and build your own platform, using WordPress and using a lot of different plugging.

  • So drop shipping is definitely a great way to start making money online.

  • Today, something very similar to drop shipping is Amazon fulfillment.

  • Service is the only difference between drop shipping and fulfilling through Amazon is that with the ladder, you actually have to have the inventory, because what you do is you take the inventory and you ship it to Amazon fulfillment.

  • Service is, and then they take care of all the shipping packaging that set from This isn't also a great way to make money.

  • I have an acquaintance who is selling towels online, and he has amazing reviews.

  • Found this really you know specific nation.

  • You can do the same thing with kitchen utensil.

  • So baby clothes, anything really.

  • And he is making, like, tens of thousands of dollars online every month from just that towel business, and he only puts like, I don't know, three or four hours a week doing that.

  • So that is also amazing, definitely requires a little more capital because you actually need to have the inventory, but a great way to start making money online.

  • If you have a skill that other people are willing to pay you for, or to have your knowledge transfer to them or to their business, you can actually tap into the freelance space in a lot of different ways and categories.

  • You can become a coach online and use apply from, like coach dot me or clarify DOT FM.

  • You can also become a freelancer on up work or five, where there is also a lot of other different platforms.

  • You can also start selling your knowledge through online courses or webinars.

  • That's an extremely amazing way, too, are also make money online, and I also personally have friends who are making webinars about how to be successful on YouTube or Instagram, And trust me, that's amazing.

  • Way to start making money online.

  • If you need to start making money immediately, you can actually leverage the up economy.

  • There is uber there is lived.

  • There is Post Maids Door dash.

  • All these service is allow you to in uber and lifts cases.

  • Just hop into your car and start making money.

  • In other cases, like Postmates, you don't even have to have a car.

  • You can just have a bike or, you know, leverage one of the scooters that you can rent out and for uber and lived.

  • They even offer you to rent a car through them or help you fulfill that car purchase so that you can just start driving on the platform.

  • And it's an incredible way to start making money literally, like right in this hour, if you have a car you can also rented out on service is like to row or get around plenty of different ways.

  • And besides that, if you have a spare room or if you're traveling, you can put your property up on Airbnb and also start making money online.

  • So AP economy has been incredibly amazing.

  • Inem Power and people to make extra income in a very easy to enter ways.

  • And last but not least, another fantastic way to start making money online.

  • That you can actually combine with all the previous ways that I've mentioned in this video is to start your own YouTube channel.

  • Once you start your own YouTube channel, you can start making money on AdSense through Google.

  • You don't make a nen credibly huge amount of money, to be honest, unless you're you know, like Logan, Paul and all your videos go viral.

  • But it's a nice chunk off pocket change.

  • But more importantly, through YouTube, you can start building on audience.

  • And once you start building an audience, it's actually an amazing way to start getting into affiliate marketing or start teaching people about something to spread your expertise.

  • You are also going to be more interesting to brands that want to advertise on your platform because you have a naughty Ince's and a reach.

  • So, guys, if you want to start your YouTube channel, the right time to start is today.

  • It's an incredible way to start making money online today, and all you need really is just your phone and yourself to start filming and start building on audience.

  • Thank you so much for watching this video.

  • Guys.

  • I hope you will like Thio.

  • Don't forget to give it a like on the subscribe below.

  • And as you can tell, there is so many different ways to start making money today.

  • The only thing that you need really is just the desire to act.

  • It's all about action.

  • You've got it.

  • I hope you feel motivated.

  • And I hope you will start doing asked her things to start making money online today.

  • Thank you so much for watching.

  • I hope you have a wonderful, wonderful day.

  • Bye for now.

Hi, everyone, welcome back to my channel.


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